OnePlus Watch – Smart Everywear

Working or working out, the #OnePlusWatch is Smart Everywear. Warp Charge for up to 14 days battery life. Sleep smarter with blood oxygen saturation tracking. Take calls on the go. And with an IP68 rating and dust resistance, it’s as durable as it is smart.

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  1. One plus buds have volume issues in right bud and I need to know what it is because this is happening very frequently for every one plus buds user and for me this is the second time. I have wasted my ₹5000 in this shitty buds

  2. Just finished my 50% battery life test and the OnePlus Watch made it 65 hours from 51% down to 5% without any GPS usage or SP02 tracking. Unsure, how OnePlus reached the seven-day mark…

  3. now i only need a decimal time widget and everything is perfect😅
    (i am obsessed with decimal time🤓)

  4. Users expects a complete smart watch from OnePlus and not just the expensive/branded only fitness tracker.

  5. meh why do companies never mention the most important thing?!

    Does this have samsung pay or more importantly, always on display? or can you only turn in the display by raising your wrist or pressing a button?


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