One of the Leading Field Watches Under $500 Gets A Blue Dial – Bulova Hack A11

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  1. On their website it says Water Resistant to 50m Showering and Swimming,you guys need to do better

  2. I own this watch and it's a love hate relationship. I love that Bulova brought the coin edge case back but the blue dial kind of ruins what they were trying to do. I did pair it up with a 2 piece Barton Olive watch band and I wear my watches fairly snug so the thickness doesn't bother me so much. With that said I won't get rid of it unless Bulova comes out with a black dial.

  3. A 30m water resistance field watch is not worthy for field trips. Just treat it like a dainty dress watch. Not built for robustness, but for style. A dive watch is the best field watch.

  4. That's one THICC watch. My Hamilton Panda auto chrono is positively chubby but it at least has the excuse of being a chronograph with 100m WR. The 3-hander A11 with 30m WR has no business being more than 11mm thick.

    Not just that, but for similar money (maybe 50 bucks more) you can get a Hamilton Khaki Field with a sapphire crystal (vs Bulova's mineral), 50m WR (vs Bulova's 30), 9.5mm thickness (vs Bulova's 14.5), a Swiss ETA based movement (vs Bulova's Miyota) which is more A-11 appropriately hand wound, and an 80hr power reserve to boot.
    Sorry, but Bulova just doesn't have the chops here.

  5. That looks more like the original minus the blue dial of course. I like it! I have the white dial hack and love it? The 30 meters sux but its nice to be able to own a watch that has history like this with out having to take out a second mortgage on my farm. Not everyone puts a nice watch at the top of the priority list so being able to get one on the grey market for 200 bucks makes it happen for a lot of ppl.

  6. Yes while a recreation of the Bulova A11 which was used by American forces in WW2 being powered by a Japanese movement is a historical oxymoron, I think you will find that If you reveiw the film Midway (The original one),you will find that one of the American Aviators is wearing A Bulova caravelle which contained movements made by Japan and west Germany among others when the movie was made!Either the producers didn't do their research or they didn't care, and neither does Bulova with the A11!

  7. There’s that 30M water resistance again….why? It’s a field watch, it’s going to get wet. I would want something more than splash proof. Such a shame. It’s a great looking watch

  8. It's 2022, how can you possibly recommend a field watch with 3ATM Water Resistance? A legacy name and pretty dial just doesn't cut it anymore.

  9. Baltany from China has recently released an automatic 36mm A11 homage with better specifications for under USD200.

  10. Hey Teddy, I love the videos you make. Just not my first automatic the Seiko SRPE57K1. It's amazing for the price.

  11. The myota 8215 movement doesn't belong in a watch that costs this much! It should sell for less!

  12. I got mine thru Teddy and I just love it! (No, this is not a paid promo.) I love the simple, clean design which keeps the classic Bulova logotype. Red and white and blue colorway and coin-edge bezel add to the charm. It's right-sized, super legible, and hand-winding is super smooth. (Unlike many watches costing hundreds more). BTW, its thickness is a feature not a bug.

  13. If that was 11mm it would be absolutely ideal for me. It's got the thickness of a chronograph but doesn't even have a date.

  14. 3ATM water resistance in a field watch is a non-starter for me. The fields round my way tend to be rather damp and soggy.

  15. No idea why a Miyota 8250 with just 30M of water resistance would be almost 15mm thick? that's crazy. that's the thickness of 7750 chronos. Too thick + dress watch WR = hard pass

  16. This was almost a perfect watch for me until I heard about the thickness, while I don’t abject on the notion of the blue on the dial, I do agree that field watches should be more on the thinner side and with my small wrists, I prefer thinner watches.

  17. I like the look but found the brad in the second hand a bit cheapening, would be better with a solid middle.

  18. I’ve seen this watch a lot lately and it’s very very good looking in my opinion. But when its functionality falls that far behind a comparable Hamilton it’s somewhat of a tough sell. Still great video!

  19. This is becoming my go-to channel for affordable watches for normal people without 8 figures in their bank account.great reviews.

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