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It’s a bold claim to state that this, the Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 007 Edition is the greatest watch Omega has ever made, but I stand by it. Sure, the notion that the century-and-a-quarter old brand peaked in 2019 is hard to believe, but believe it you should. Here’s why.

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  1. anyone that thinks that Omega is going to put a end to ROLEX dominance has not been looking at the watch market a Rolex OP fetching £10,000 plus its not about the watches

  2. If it had no Bond reference I would have bought one in a heartbeat. I opted for the Dark Side of the Moon – Apollo 8 instead. I have to say the titanium bracelet was extremely comfy, faux patina wasn't too overbearing. I had a Digital Bond watch from the Roger Moore era, when I was a kid. I just can't get away from the fact that I would be wearing a watch branded for a fictional character and thus feel slightly childish in doing so. Nice watch Omega, now release a version without the double O.

  3. IMO they blew it on one part. The bezel edge. The coin edge is much easier to turn with wet or sweaty fingers. Try it, I did and returned the watch for a coin edge type bezel.

  4. yeah but im still buying a Rolex over an Omega. don't matter how much better some watch is quality wise over a Rolex. avg consumers want to flex when they buy designer goods. And brand awareness wise Rolex is king. even when you ask a 15 year old kid or a 90 year old grandma to name a luxury watch and its always a Rolex not an Omega or Patek or AG….

  5. Loved for you to review the latest Omega Speedmaster 321. I personally believe it's the best Omega of all time. From a historic perspective to craftsmanship, one can build a case that the new 321 is the best Omega of all time. Loved to hear your take.

  6. I think people don’t understand how difficult titanium is to machine. You usually have to use carbide bits to get good results. And carbide is expensive and breaks easily.

    Sure it’s a lot more expensive, but no other seamasyer looks like this

  7. Handled one of these over the weekend. Handed it back without a second thought. Horrible bracelet fastening – very thick and clumsy. Domed Crystal distorts the tracking.

  8. Lose the bond shit, lose the fake broad arrow, and fit a decent bracelet that’s actually comfy as well as good looking and I’d buy one in a heartbeat…

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