1. 25:44 i love OG but I hate hate notail says here and in the reaction video he made on ti8 recently. What's so wrong about telling someone to remove their jacket if they win? He may have "jinxed" them but is that worth slapping someone for? Also, it is always shortest and prolly the weakest guy outside dota who talks big lol notail ain't gonna be able to do shit to nobody lmao

  2. Bull demon is one of those Chinese mythical creatures like the wukong, tortoise, and tailless tiger

  3. Coming back watching this, just to motivates me to do better in life like OG comeback in this TI

  4. In retrospect calling this win a fluke couldn’t be more wrong. OG was strong in TI9, they actually absolutely dominated every game they played.
    In TI8 they weren’t the strongest, I‘d go so far, that I‘d say LGD was actually the best team of TI8, every other team that made it to the playoffs would have crumbled before them.

    The factor leading to OG winning, wasn’t their execution of the games, LGD played better for most of the time. What gave OG the win was their resilience and their unbreakable spirit. That’s what gave them the edge on LGD, they took every chance to come back into the game, and they never doubted themselves or their teammates. That’s what set them apart from any other team, and that’s the reason they won.

  5. Most talented pos 4 + quiter + unproven midlaner + former coach + most brokenhearted = strongest team.

  6. I love N0tail reaction to this, they all are having a good time but you can see how much he is thinking about what if this would have been better, or worse. You can see how much passion he has for the game and in the final minutes he even feels bad for LGD because he knew how he would feel if they were the losers of that final and those tears represent all the hard work all the suffering of those dark months before this TI and in his career. I mean it's not like Ceb, Jesse and Topson don't care as much but they were already in celebration mode N0tail wasn't because that's how he is, that's why he is and will be a legend.

    10 years of TI and still this is the best finals, Spirit series was great but the TI8 finals are what every competitive game should aim to, a game where a good strat and team work can manage to save a game or multiple games that were already (almost) decided. And OG is what for me makes e-sports different than regular sports and give a "mysticism" to the concept: brotherhood, 5 guys giving their all to accomplish something supporting one another to the end and that generation of OG felt like that, like a real family.

  7. yea it do find the best and worst in you ingame!!!! and dota know it and yet the want all to report all for saying out the truth mmm hahahaha lol lol lol

  8. Topson got so much more confident in TI9. One of the reasons they completly stomped the international that year

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