North Korean leader watches extreme martial arts performance

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has watched an extreme martial arts demonstration by soldiers at a military event marking the 76th founding anniversary of its ruling party.
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In the video aired by the North’s state-run television station, KRT, soldiers performed multiple shows of strength: smashing items, breaking free from chains, lying on glass and throwing knives. Kim smiled and clapped as he watched the show at the Defence Development Exhibition ‘Self-Defence-2021′. During the exhibition, Kim said his country’s weapons development is necessary in the face of the US’ hostile policies and a military buildup in South Korea.

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  1. Sicuramente impressionante ma sono cose viste e riviste da 40 anni a questa parte. Ovviamente, questi ragazzi hanno speso molto tempo per fare queste cose e meritano un applauso. Ma quando le pallottole fischiano e sono tanti fischi, non sai neanche contro chi stai sparando. Ve lo dico perché ho provato durante il militare e quando si inizia a sparare, soprattutto di notte, non si capisce nulla!

  2. الشعب الكوري المظلوم الذي يسيطر عليه الدكتاتور كيم يونغ فيجبر الجيش ان يفعل له كل شيئ حتى يرضى هذا المجنون هل هذا تدريب الذي يضرب بمطرقة يد وتحتها حجر لماذا هذا التعذيب وهذا الفطير كيم يونغ يضحك و الجندي يتالم

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