1. seems like… one kind of grifter tried to grift another kind of grifter. ends up like that key and peele sketch

  2. The only thing this whole thing highlights is you need a contract with how long you will keep the watch for and when the video has to be released by this sets everyones expectations and no fall outs because
    Doing business this way it was bound to go sour at one point

  3. The motto of this story is don’t promise what you can not deliver, because it will back fire and there’s a lot of bad dude’s that like to stir things for there own ends. I am sorry to say Oisin but this does make you look a little bit foolish. 💙 🇬🇧 Ps. This is all about reputations and honesty both still count for something even in these weird times, so next week next month next year you will have learnt a lot and moved on from this sh.. and this will be just a bad memory and hopefully you will be doing what you are brilliant at and that’s making the bests watch content on YouTube by a million miles.

  4. Very impressive professional product on Oisins videos. Great voice and I like the artistic nature of his reviews

  5. Send him “galactic currency by the time it gets to him maybe he would have run out of yuengling and have had his
    Rotary phone ☎️ taken away.

  6. Ciao dimmi perche non haï simplicimente venduto il orologio che avevvi è ritornato il cash de gli due venduti?

  7. Watch the live show from Tim Write, You will hear the side from Nico, who is backed by Roman Sharf. @ Oisin, in my opignion you are just a F**ki*ng Thief

  8. Wow!!! You talk too much. Verbal diarrhea. You sound weak. That whole victim speech is just to pull on people heart strings… It’s funny you continually tell stories of bad things that happen to you. Why is that?

  9. This is such a bad look. He comes off like such a douche. Zero self-awareness… countless excuses.

  10. Funny how this guy puts blame on everyone else except himself for the mistakes he made on his own. Spending money you don’t have and use it as an excuse? That’s lame. I know the type and unfortunately I know how it ends when someone owes you money. You owe money, you pay. You have something that’s not yours, you return it as soon as the rightful owner asks for it. No excuses.

  11. I had no idea what you had on your mind, but man, a bit of anger brings out the best in you, your best vid yet!

  12. I felt like i was listening to Amber Heard’s testimony. Too many superfluous details being thrown at you in order to hide the lie.

  13. Wow, that was a lot. I broke it up to watch all of it. Thanks for sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now I just need to get seeing Nico shirtless out of my head..

  14. Ok those guys were maybe not the best at communicating and one of them definitely smells like a crook. But Oisin with all the shits hitting your fan from left and right you may also consider a shift in the way you operate. It’s not you against a world a villains.

  15. Good on ya Oisin. Solidly behind ya. And if you could add the Nicaccent to one of your videos that would be great. Maybe do a reaction video to someone’s collection…

  16. Why don’t you make a short legal agreement stating that it might take you a long time to return the pieces or just put something in writing that protects you from all this “nonsense” you are being attacked for? (i.e., form of payment, estimated turnover time, fees, etc.)

  17. This Channel has become unwatchable; full of egotism, and now even worse. Time to move on folks as the true character is revealed.

  18. I’m 55, live in Detroit. If you need a roommate/assistant there in Italy let me know. I’ll leave me wifey and head to Venice. ✌🏽✌🏽

  19. “I could buy all these watches right now but I won’t!”

    You don’t have to buy them Because you stole them. Wow… that’s unbelievable. 😱

  20. When a crash of anything happens and the big wave leaves the shore line those without a bathing suit in the water are revealed that they are naked.

    I did not want to spend the time listening to your side since I don't have 2 hours plus to sit and listen to one side. But, before you accuse me as being one sided I have watched independent other YouTubers like Paul and others ( about 38 minutes or so) and came to an opinion and that is: you owe Nico money and you should pay it, period. Never mind it took Nico 6 or 8 weeks to send you the money at that point you should have gotten out of the deal and sold the watches as you did independently.

    As to keeping watches for reviews for a year or so that's another negative, the honorable thing to do is to send them back. You have seriously hurt your reputation and I for one am now distrustful of you and any reviews you may do in the future. You just another hustle and you come off as being this altruistic guy and you are not on the Channel. My advice: Maybe you should go on an apology tour it may save you with current subscribers, MAYBE.

    BTW- I just own watches both luxury and non luxury and never sold one FYI. I also own a successful business and I understand cash flow. Looks like to me you were naked in the water and you got revealed. That, that is, is. That, that isn't, isn't. Is that it? It is.

  21. If even some of what you're saying is true . Go for him . But usually no one person in a disagreement is telling the whole story . The truth is more often than not in the middle of both versions . Maybe wind in the snobbery a tad , it does you no favours

  22. Brexit, booooo! Plus, they don't even bring the box, you just get a letter saying "we've got your box and you have to pay this much, if you want it. If you don't pay, we send it back to whence it came"!

  23. Wow. I never liked the Ratzo guy.
    He has serious issues to say the least.
    He actually has posted videos before of his “banking issues” and it always seemed to be a scam. Guess it really was.
    I only watched a few of his videos, he is too much of an ass clown to give any of my real relaxation time to…
    And I only turned him on because Roman did some colas vid os with him anyway.
    Roman and TTWC are very worth my time.

    Said it once here before, you sir are a true artist.
    I wish you well.


  24. And that’s the world of bit coin Rolex 🤦🏻‍♂️ idiots paying double triple retail on the back of thinking another idiot will pay more 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s a douche bag brand now 💩 hopefully these stupid comedy prices for mass production watches will keep crashing. I think a lot of people have had enough of it all and they aren’t falling for it anymore. Good luck grey market. Your stock is devaluing by the hour 🙈

  25. Never heard of Nico until now. Just checked out his channel. What a horrible obnoxious c u next tuesday!! Who would want to watch that crap ! All this high end watch one upmanship isn’t cool at all. Not for me, complete turnoff.

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