My Watch Collection Grail Goals 2021: Rolex, AP, Squale, Seiko, & More

Today I share my annual grail goals, how my watch collecting is evolving, and why I’m going back to more sports and tool watches.

I discuss some of the most worn watches in my collection over the past year, why my next German made watch will be a Hanhart, why I’ve fallen out of love with many super luxury watches, and my continuing Rolex vs Tudor conundrum.

I also reminisce about the Squale 1521 and why I am so obsessed with the azzurro blue version, plus Casio watches, and a few other timepieces I cannot get out of my head—like the Seiko “Captain Willard” reissue.

Stay tuned for my 2021 State of the Collection video later this year and please share your own grail watch collecting goals—and watches you’re obsessed with—in the comments below!

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  1. im starting to have my collection build up esp with seikos….where does one find a community where i can trade watches

  2. I've had many watches over the years mainly Seiko, Casio and a couple of Tags I've been looking for an everyday diver to wear as I've always loved them. I have a budget of 4K and would be interested on your thoughts of what to go for as I have quite a small wrist?

  3. I'm a watch enthusiast mostly owning seikos and micro brands .. and last week my father handed down to me his old Rolex yachtmaster 16623 the two tone yellow gold model that's discontinued the yellow gold Rolesor !! I finally inherited my grail watch !!!! My dad wears the yachtmaster 2 rose gold version so it's pretty neat that I now get to wear the original while he has the newer generation!!

  4. Also as regards sellers remorse, I can't say it better than Joni Mitchell "you don't know what you've got till it's gone"

  5. I just brought a Seiko Prospex Save the ocean monster to be my daily watch , cant wait for it to arrive. I have an Oris and a Tag so it will be interesting to see how it compares to them

  6. Best watch channel by far 👍👍👍 keep up the good work . So nice to see someone steer clear of ROLEX PATEK AP cult

  7. Luxury watches are a straight up scam. Glad that TGV, who helped popularize the luxury, high end watch craze on YouTube, is now coming back down to earth and poo poo'ing ultra expensive watches that don't do anything special.

  8. I agree. I find that in the real world, all i need on a watch is Time/Day and a date. A digital watch has always been a cheap and superior Stopwatch.

  9. Tgv I would like to thank you for your amazing content and ability to empty my wallet I'm now obsessed with watches again and just made a substantial purchase thanks mate

  10. You have such a nice voice and great videos but I am sooo far away from your style choices and I've traveled with a style God, Lenny Kravitz, and outfitted some well known rock bands and influencers. I still love your style and outlook though, so awesome!

  11. 100%, entirely and enthusiastically agree with the day date comment. I have taken countless watches off in the morning and put them back in the case because after the question, "Bugger, what day is it again…", an SKX makes it's way back out.

  12. Glad you’re going to review more Seikos, those videos are what brought me to your channel!

    Your channel is also the reason I have an f91w, an SKX and a two tone Rolex datejust among many in my collection, so I can feel my wallet running away!

  13. The 1521 is haunting me. It's been on the wish since you made me aware of it years ago. I am now living in the tropics, and I think it will look amazing with coconut palms and Indian Ocean in the background 😎🌴

  14. TGV, any brand recommendations for the best NATO straps, looking to get one for my Hamilton khaki field but so many options out there! Thanks

  15. Great video TGV, I really liked the pacing and hearing your thoughts on things 👌 I really don’t know what my next watch will be 🤔 I’ve been quite into knives recently instead.

  16. Long time fan. Since you had that thing with your lungs. Hope you’re well. Been away for a minute but I see the production quality has greatly improved. Thank you for everything TGV!

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