My Watch Collection Grail Goals 2021: Rolex, AP, Squale, Seiko, & More

Today I share my annual grail goals, how my watch collecting is evolving, and why I’m going back to more sports and tool watches.

I discuss some of the most worn watches in my collection over the past year, why my next German made watch will be a Hanhart, why I’ve fallen out of love with many super luxury watches, and my continuing Rolex vs Tudor conundrum.

I also reminisce about the Squale 1521 and why I am so obsessed with the azzurro blue version, plus Casio watches, and a few other timepieces I cannot get out of my head—like the Seiko “Captain Willard” reissue.

Stay tuned for my 2021 State of the Collection video later this year and please share your own grail watch collecting goals—and watches you’re obsessed with—in the comments below!

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