My watch collection, and what's next.

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This video is a mini review of my watch collection a mix of luxury watches, affordable watches and a smartwatch.

Running time:
0:00 Intro
1:22 Rolex Submariner 16610LV Kermit
2:00 CWC G10 (British Military Issue Watch)
3:11 Rolex Explorer 14270 36mm
3:59 Apple Watch Series 6
4:42 Tudor Black Bay 58 Black
5:29 Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical
6:19 Omega Seamaster 300m Pro
7:40 Chrono24 Advert
8:25 IWC Big Pilot 43
8:43 Panerai Luminor
9:11 Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Small Seconds
9:50 Rolex Explorer II White Dial Ref 226570
10:36 Cartier Tank

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  1. I have the Kermit also. Bought by “accident” in 2006 when on holiday in the Caribbean. Saw it in the window and looked it up online. Never seen a green sub before. The price was about $1000 below what retail was in the US. Planned to flip it for a quick profit. Never sold it and now I love it. Same with my 2008 116520. Put myself on the list in 2005 because I wanted one to sell and make a quick buck. Three years later I get the call and again, never sold it. Love taking it out on special occasions. Only watch I ever bought to actually wear was my 16710 in 2001. That was my daily beater until I had it refurbished a few months ago. Nowadays my daily beaters at work in the cockpit are a Seiko 5 SNK809 or a Sinn 556A. At home I normally wear a Longines Avigation BigEye. Impulse buy but it keeps smiling at me. The new 36mm Explorer is on my wish list. Got the 556A as a surrogate for it but still have the urge for the real McCoy. I also have several Seiko Quartz Chronos I bought in the eighties and nineties but they don’t get much wrist time these days. I never saw myself as a collector but with 3 Rolexes a Longines, Sinn and four Seikos I’ve slowly become one. I just seem unable to sell my watches.

  2. Sorry bigger watches on your wrist like panerei would be like sauce pan-or even big pilot watches for dress a38mm aqua terra in white dial,Because of you yes B&J I bought the BB 58 black bezel in the Argyle Arcade and I love it.

  3. Hi Adrian. Good video, although I’m a bit disappointed you will be getting rid of the 58 and the seamaster as your reviews were part of the reason I bought mine . I hope whatever you choose to replace them meets the expectations , however I won’t be getting rid of either of mine . I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed with the panerai . Very different from anything else out there

  4. How about the new 3861 Omega Speedmaster Professional? Gotta have a Moonwatch as one of your iconic pieces? That’s probably going to be my next treat to myself.. 🙏🏼 I hope..

  5. Adrian, nothing says pure class like a Cartier Tank. The Reverso would do nicely also. But what I don’t get is the ideas on dumping your SMP300 and the BB58 (two incredible watches) and considering the Explorer II…the supercase makes it wear like a 44mm. I just don’t see it fitting right on your wrist. Great timepiece just too big.

  6. Great video, very very interesting.
    Would you fancy doing Lume shot tests on your watch collection, comparing brightness and duration. I usually shine a 395nm UV light to charge the Lume, is there a better way.
    Thank you

  7. I love watches and I work hard for the money I have so not sure I would ever own a watch more than about 3 k. It simply would hurt too much if I accidentally smashed the watch.

  8. i agree with most of your opinions on these watches. id like to have some of them, eventually, I will. but, for the dress up watch id go with a Lange. Those watches are works of art.

  9. Wonderful Video Adrian! Have a 14270, find it quite small. Just got my 226570 and it is massive. Would be very suprised to see both in your collection. Even my AD commented on the gap between 36 and 42 mm. Take Care…

  10. I like that CWC on a nato. I'd like a new watch to play sports in, my omega SMP is my usual for climbing, tennis, squash or golf, but I feel like if the CWC was made for war, it can handle some low level impacts and a few scrapes lol. Regarding the dress watch, look at the pre owned JLC reverso or master control examples available. I feel they wear better than the older Cartier's

  11. Yes yes yes yes yes yes! I’m so glad you ‘get’ the Panerai!
    Who else does a watch like it? With a history that rivals Rolex and omega! And they’re so surprisingly comfortable.

  12. "Roast me if you want…" Lol, I won't, but I do find it curious that the Seamaster bracelet, which is objectively very VERY good, is so maligned here and by one half of the sister property in Tennessee. It's almost as if any allowance for the quality and adjustability of the bracelet would be a tacit admission that the watch- as an overall package- can actually compete with a Submariner. And we can't have that! lol

  13. Congratulations on building a collection where they all seem to have a story and meaning to you! How about a gold, solid or two tone, piece? I saw some comments about adding a Reverso and completely agree. Does not seem like you are interested in complications. Perhaps a colorful dial time only piece to depart from white or black dials. Surprised to hear that the BB58 and Seamaster are on the to go list. Both great pieces. Enjoy your watches.

  14. The newly released explorer 2 is too big…… I think you gotta get a new explorer instead. For dressing watch, I think Cartier is very balanced-looking and yet, elegant.

  15. I always wear the iwatch and I have way more watches, that becomes a problem;) I have a Kermit, but not the old one, I like the older one better 🙂. Tag heuer is my cheapest and I also don’t like it. Well for the chrono24 give away, could take a year or more till they get 100k;)

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