My reaction to THAT interview

An explanation and response to my interview with Anthony Farrer, The Timepiece Gentleman on Saturday evening… SEE YOU AT THE LONDON WATCH SHOW – TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM:

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  1. Stay away from this type of wannabes … very toxic individuals. Arrogant and “marketing genius” meme.


  2. It just seems after these type of interviews that your following videos are full of excuses of why the interview didn't go as you wanted it too.. And always covering for Anthony on why you didn't ask certain questions…

  3. Two things to start with:
    1. I don't trust Anthony, I don't like him as a person.
    2. Paul has a habit of being irrationally stubborn sometimes, especially when it comes to his friends. For example I think the entire Zenith saga was not handled properly and it would have been better if Paul didn't address it at all.

    Therefor I was expecting the interview to be a disaster.

    But I saw nothing wrong with the interview. It would have been completely inappropriate if Paul was any "harsher" than that. All questions were asked and there is no reason for Paul to attack or insult Anthony on behalf of those that don't like him. After all, Paul does like him and he doesn't have problems with him as a person. I don't understand the negativity directed at Paul in this case at all.

  4. Hi , my name is Peer and around your age and thinking of a nice watch but know nothing about the brands but they are beautiful and seeing you wearing a watch with tattoes I realized it's ok with my tatts on both sleeves .
    I enjoy your channel and this Anthony thing you should not stress about it , your viewers subscribe because of you , you give back more than a "like" or subscription , you seem to be easy to talk to and listening is easy . I watch TPG from time to time if I feel like day dreaming 🙂 . Your doing just fine and greetings from a Yank in Sterling Va. . I been to the U K and couple times and loved it All the best Peer

  5. Paul, mate, i cant believe some of these comments you're getting. Clearly the majority of people here just simply hate TPG (and will never change their opinions) Its not as if he has killed anyone for God's sake anyway. You're not supposed to be a professional interviewer, you're a watch expert and you give us your views for FREE, its not like these commenting idiots paid you for this. For my part the interview was intersting. I didnt watch because i wanted blood, i just wanted to hear what he said and I appreciate you were working under the stress of the audio issues.

    I say a big THANK YOU for what you do and what you give us. People commenting would do very well to remember that you owe them nothing before they make pathetic comments and dislike. Cheers Paul and carry on doing exactly what you're doing in the knowledge that there are people who appreciate your content.

  6. Paul, i use my real name. my profile is on linkedin. im a social psychologist. I advise companies to run a mile from people like this. think lance Armstrong. Zero remorse, no emotional processing. This video is great, because I can show my trainees. You were a bit too sychopanthic, and fawning over him. You were deluded if u thought that u were friends with him. You are an honest guy. this guy is not.

  7. I don’t care he’s an ex con, I don’t care he is a showboating a-hole, I don’t even care he is a knob that will not own up to his errors, but I cannot accept that Paul supports someone that did all that fake charity BS.
    It’s worse than pretending to be a woman to get in a Titanic Lifeboat FFS.

  8. A very successful you tuber ..Anthony F….tries a new marketing ploy and gets it wrong…no one loses money or their watch…much ado about nothing!!!!.. .The watch community are acting like they all have the highest business ethics …..Most AD,s and dealers have little technical knowledge of the watches they sell….Paul ,you should just stay away from this ,it is of very little importance to most watch buyers..I would only buy a watch with a full set of papers! and the internet via chrono 24 provides an escrow service, which protects my money!….However I love watching the you tube watch videos ,but take everything with a pinch of salt..

  9. I'm Sorry , your excuse that you didn't hear his reply is just crap . If anyone watches the interview it is 100% clear you heard EVERY word he said and replied to every word he said.

  10. Wow really milking this one, fair play to TPG not only has he killed his channel he's also destroyed any respect this one had

  11. I would like to personally apologise to you Paul. I stated that the interview was your your worst ever video. In hindsight considering your technical problems, and other it is a massive credit to you on how you even managed to do what you did. You were still and are the best person to have conducted the interview. My criticism was airline the fluidity in relation to the answers, but goodness knows how you managed to deliver what you did. I salute you Sir.

  12. Paul, I’m your fan and have great respect for you, but the interview was sooooo soft! I expected better. Thx


  14. ……Paul: TPG's PR stunt was a failed attempt to gain internet attention……it was a lark idea of TIMEX TONY's that failed……………TONY didn't expect the market, his peers and the general watch community to react so negatively……………….TONY's ongoing defensive attitude and arrogance about the disaster is the BIGGER MISDEED……the watch community is high-end, sophisticated and highly trustworthy………TONY breached the integrity of the luxury watch business…………….only way out is time and TPG must sell watches, lots of 'em and create good video content in doing so………ain't gonna happen, imo…..100% odds this loser FAILS…….again……..100%…….

  15. I am a retired criminal defense attorney who has represented thousands of guilty clients. I know the face of a criminal. That interview had at least one criminal.

  16. My 5 cents….
    To much exuses…. To soft to anthony…. I think the interview got anthony in a worst place trying to cover his shit under the carpet…

  17. Your best bet would be to stay away from that douchebag….he killed a bunch of channels….siding with "good PR. stunt, etc….the guy is a disaster….a bunch of followers dropped off.

  18. paul… stop whining. man up, admit it was rubbish… move on. oh, and stop with the 'i'm honest guv'nah, we the people, etc shite' – if a person has to say that about themselves all the time, it tends not to be true.

  19. Would of liked you to press him a bit more during the part where he said he wasn’t aware of the damage that he was doing to other watch dealers. Other than that, good interview. To make it excellent you should of had better follow up questions to call him out on certain things IMO (deletion of the apology video, testing friendship of people helping him out like Roman).
    We wouldn’t be able to type the follow up questions since you didn’t allow super chats.
    All in all the interview showed me more about you than anything. Which is you’re a very good friend. When/if you ever visit Canada I would like to grab u a beer

  20. asking `difficult` questions and applying interviewee pressure are 2 different things clearly..and how can you claim you couldn`t hear him.? you were conversing with him back & forth.

  21. Just a thought this whole saga has probably put the whole grey market on a few radars! Tax evasion, money laundering, organised crime. Any thoughts?

  22. Paul YOU are a fair decent person and it showed in your interview with TPG everybody has the right to be heard first and then make an opinion……people is very quick to judge before listening and that is not right …. This guys are trying to work and make a living just like everybody else and Anthony has a little boy to take car off….

  23. Paul YOU are a fair decent person and it showed in your interview with TPG everybody has the right to be heard first and then make an opinion……people is very quick to judge before listening and that is not right …. This guys are trying to work and make a living just like everybody else and Anthony has a little boy to take car off….

  24. Paul YOU are a fair decent person and it showed in your interview with TPG everybody has the right to be heard first and then make an opinion……people is very quick to judge before listening and that is not right …. This guys are trying to work and make a living just like everybody else and Anthony has a little boy to take car off….

  25. There was no interview but arranged questions. Happy with the questions you asked? Happy your mate Anthony!

  26. @T4Vista- follow us on Twitter & Instagram- Peek inside the world of pop culture, ideas, and luxury. says:

    Nothing new came out. A lost of opportunity to get to the truth. TPG got another pass. You feed him the answers. Sad.

  27. Paul, forget the naysayers and whiners. You do whatever you need to do, interview whoever you feel like, and be a friend to whoever you want. I’ll keep watching your channel for the entertainment and valuable information.

  28. Great job on the interview Paul! Some people will never be satisfied. Many of the people talking shit about the questions you asked are just hate-watchers who will never give you any props. You notice none of the people who said you were too soft have provided any alternative questions you could have asked? The people who criticized your interview hated TPG before this scandal, they will continue to hate them no matter what Anthony says, and will never be satisfied by any of the answers provided. Keep your head up and don't let the cancel culture Karens get to you, they are entitled children who aren't in touch with reality.

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