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It’s time. It’s time to buy a new watch. The last watch I bought—not including my Hamilton pocket watch—was my Grand Seiko SBGV245, and that was so long ago it’s since been discontinued. So now it’s time to blow the dust off my wallet, try on some watches and buy something new. There are five watches in contention, and what better way to start the search than with this, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 310.

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  1. Fun fact: I sold my car to We Buy Any Car the other day and the guy working for them was wearing an obviously fake Speedmaster that wasn’t even set to the correct time, it was hours out. Very odd indeed.

  2. I was always a bit of a Moonlanding geek and wanted one of these as long as I can remember, but it was always out of reach. When the 2021 model came out, I took the leap, purchased one and I love it. No regrets. Its a quality object that I'll hand on to my son, hopefully in many years in the future!

  3. Comparing Rolex and Patek is quite a stretch. Rolex really got these dealers by the balls. You hate to see the way these guys have to simp in hopes someone from the Wilsdorf Foundation will notice them.

  4. I've tried to love the Speedmaster over the years, I really have. I've put it on my wrist and thought about it a lot, but for all my efforts it still doesn't move me. I don't know why, but it's always looked like a toy to me and never a "real" watch. Of course that's a deficit in my own aesthetic make-up … I freely admit that. But I just can't get beyond my gut reaction to the watch. It leaves me cold. On the flip side, I adore my Aqua Terra, so it's not an Omega thing … it's definitely just a Speedmaster thing. I simply don't like it.

  5. What a great idea for a series, and a great beginning. I sympathise with your hard choice between the hesalite and sapphire. For me, the perfect mix would be: Caseback and applied logo from the sapphire version, and crystal and all-brushed bracelet from the hesalite version….. Then, I would top it off with the 100m water resist from the '57 😊 To me, that configuration is so obvious, that it escapes me how Omega could have missed it. But maybe they didn't; maybe it is in an upcoming limited edition 😊

  6. You can’t let today’s price compared to yesteryears be a factor… will make you crazy. If you are a value shopper Omega’s near the top of the list. Look forward to the rest of the series.
    Consider a RGM American made in house movement. Or a FP Journe Elegante 48 ( a one- two year wait from there boutique) but instant appreciation and a state of the art quartz.

  7. Rolex raises prices and everyone thinks it's wonderful…. Omega does the same and people write them off. The Speedy Pro has historically been under-priced, so now that it is being priced in line with other brands it's somehow a rip off? C'mon A stainless steel Daytona on bracelet (IF you could get one at retail) is currently $13,150…. a stainless steel Speedmaster Professional on bracelet is now $6,300. Both have good movements hidden behind solid casebacks. Rolex's 'edge' has always been psychological and nothing more… both are classics and the Omega still provides better 'value' even if it doesn't hold it's 'value' the way a Daytona would. People are paying millions of dollars for NFT art and rare trading cards – this speculation is purely psychological and driven by FOMO!

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