Most Epic Music: "Who Watches The Heroes" by Really Slow Motion

Album: Dimension One (Industry release)
Music by: Really Slow Motion
Composed by: Benjamin Squires

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By: 千夜QYS3

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“Where words fail, music speaks.”
– Hans Christian Andersen


  1. Hello people, today I just finished my first amv. I used this song and I would like for you to see it on my channel! Feel free to let me know if it‘s alright or not 👌

  2. "If shadow exist, There's light. If water exist, There's life. If problems exist, so is solution. When there's despair, There's also hope. Some may say the quote never give up fight till the end is generic and cliche but I wonder how many people applied this in their life. What I'm trying to say here is, There's always a way out, you just have to find it and if you don't find it. Create that path."

  3. I want a writer buddy, but I don't even have the confidence. Trying to get confidence off of songs doesn't work but who cares when a bunch of people like you is in the same place.

  4. "You don't need an advice from a broken man like me, "

    "If a broken man such as yourself could repair all of my pain, I Will know that's a lie. So no matter what you say to yourself…"

    She Embrace him "You Will always be my Hero"

  5. He almost gave his life away.. But he said NOTHING HAPPEND!! These two words are enough to prove that he is the best, he is the most loyal.. these two words from that man was enough to describe what is true loyalty!!! what is true friendship!! That time he literally did nothing!! He was just standing there like a KING!!!
    BUT he aint no KING….
    Who is he??


  6. "But im not a hero, im not brave. When the time came i was afraid. I couldn't do it… Im still afraid, and i don't think i ever won't be."

    "Bravery is not, lack of fear, but to feel the fear, let it flow through you, and then do it anyway… Maybe because its right, maybe cause you have to. Bravery, for the right reasons, is all you really need to be a hero."

  7. "When a king takes his scepter and he raises it in the name of something, it can be for friends, it can be for justice, at the end what makes it stand up is the strenght he puts in the right hand"

  8. What define heroes? Nowdays seems more persecution of those don't accept new identity. Mmmm…..

  9. Punk…For 50 years I’ve watch as people I cared about get hurt or die…I’ve beaten nations into submission…I’ve ended countless lives, and I’ve saved double that!…If you think I’m gonna let a bastard like you be the end of me that’d be your second mistake….Your first was laying a finger on my granddaughter….

    -Something I wrote and wanted to get some feedback on cause why not

  10. King david was a friend of god moses was a friend of god both were heros instead of trying to be a hero start by being somebodies friend your garanteed to save lives that way and in so you will become a hero just make your bed brush your teeth and be the person people look up to by being a role model ive just given you the secret to being a hero

    Semper fi

  11. I don’t know if people still come to this video but every now and again I look at my old motivational playlist and I always just listen to this one.

  12. who watches the heroes? we do. if a hero falls, then someone on the sidelines steps in. protecting the hero. this person, in doing so, has become a hero themselves even if not forever. and if one person dose it, someone will follow, and then another. when the heroes cant protect us. we protect them.

  13. "Cut it out! Don't place me in your poetic descriptions, I'm not a "pure-hearted chosen one", I'm only just what Adepts are, and will be doing so… Protecting our new home, because we all want to live and fight for it."

    -One of my original characters

  14. This song is definitely one of the best songs I ever heard in my life. Ever since I heard it, I loved it. This song is just perfect, it all goes so perfectly together and I love how epic and heroic it is. Even after 2 years, this still remains as one of my favourite songs ever

  15. was listing to this on my way to the cliffs
    next thing I remember weaking up in the hospital asking the nurse why am I still alive ☹️

  16. “Never give up on someone. Sometimes the answers you are looking for are the same answers another person is looking for. Two people searching together are always better than one person alone.”

  17. “Your purpose in life isn’t something someone else tells you,

    But it is the something you yourself wants to achieve to keep going.

    You can die for people. That’s alright, I don’t really care.

    But ask yourself, is this really what you want? Is this really what you want to live for?

    Or is this just something you use to try to convince yourself that you’re capable of doing the so called purpose someone else put on to you?”

    -some girl from some wattpad story I forgot the name of.

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