At long last! We finally got back to see Peter Marco and he did not disappoint! Peter showed us MILLIONS of dollars worth of iced out, totally custom luxury watches, from Pateks to APs and everything in between…which was your favorite watch? Let us know in the comments below!

Peter Marco:

0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Watches
25:20 – Outro



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  1. I’d love to know more about the colour and clarity of the diamonds he uses as I’ve been very surprised by the the lack in quality of colour and clarity used by companies like Tiffany&co and some jewellers where I live that are considered very upmarket,he’s obviously not using crap but you would be surprised by the amount of high end jewellers that use VS2-I1 diamonds and not close to D-colour

  2. you guys could come up to oregon and watch me rake leaves and drink after…thats how my day went until i watched this video…i fuckin dig your lives, really cool for the poor man to look into the holy shit side of life…i want to drink some beers and sit by a fire just to shoot the shit with you guys, maybe someday

  3. The Green watch is the Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5726 Moonphase Annual Calendar, that piece though is known as the Virgil Abloh collaboration. I was under the impression that Drake had this watch, if it is indeed 1 of 1 its great its now in Peter Marco's epic collection.

    Incredible video as always Michael, I've always loved the spirit you all show when getting together, your channel gives me and I'm sure gives many others that much needed motivation to obtain some of these wonderful things. Stay safe everyone

  4. Wow the amount of motivation in this video is insane. Keep it up. More and more and more Peter Marco vids please. The energy when you guys are together is unmatched. Well… until he pulled out these iced out watches. Im in love

  5. Not huge fan of iced out watches unless they're factory set,but these actually look good. Although, I still don't like the idea of "upgrading" watches very much.

  6. Iam a new subscriber on your channel sir.. been watching your videos this past days.. and i love it.. your very humble despite the luxurios lifestyle..more power to you sir.. from the Philippines with LOVE.m stay safe..

  7. Peter seems to me like the type of owner that will treat a customer exactly the same that’s coming in to spend a couple thousands bucks as one that’s coming in to spend hundreds of thousands. 💯

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