Matching Watches with Cocktails with a "Cocktail Expert" (It Gets MESSY lol)

Ok. I clickbaited. Josh isn’t a Cocktail Expert. He’s just my best friend. But let us have fake talents in air quotes. Hahaha! Matching Rolex GMT Master 2 “Pepsi”, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Patek Philippe Aquanaut, Cartier Tank & MORE with their cocktail equivalent. Or at least trying to….. And guys, I can’t lie… THIS VIDEO GETS MESSY AT THE END lol!

TODAY, we are delivering a highly requested video from Gringa Community: MATCHING COCKTAILS WITH WATCHES. And we spent A LOT OF MONEY AT THE PUB LOLLLLL! And you know, I think we did a pretty decent job! Mojito’s, Aperol Spritz, Daquiri’s and soooo much more.

What do you think?! Did we get some WRONG?! Did we get them RIGHT?!

Nonetheless, this was the most fun I’ve had making a video in such a long time. Biggest thanks EVER to Josh, Lucinda and of course the one and only Watch Papi for helping me make this!

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Insta – Watch.gringa


  1. Nice vid, thank you. Have not had mojito in must be pre covid. Hey tonight, maybe. Got mint growing in yard. Oh no lime, have to drive to store ugh! Thanks Brittany/Papi.

  2. Britt, if you haven't done so already, invest in a spare battery for your camera, and always carry it with you when out "on location". It could save your life! 😉

    That was a fun video! Your next watch just has to be a Seiko Cocktail Time!! 😁

  3. major faux pas , how did you not show the Daytona !!!!
    I waiting through the entire video did the Daytona !!
    I’m going to have to one up you on this .
    Wow, how could you not include the Grail watch unless 😬 you sold it for the Patek Philllipe ?????
    Is that it ? Did you trade your Daytona for a Patek Phillipe ??????.
    Say it’s not so !!!!!

  4. Every church needs a Gringa running things I can only imagine that you make religion fun mixing cocktails is asking for a hangover all the best for Monday give teddy a good scragg he's lovely

  5. I would have loved to seen any attempt by any member of this 'team' to spell 'existential' after this profound exercise is horological research. If Jack Kerouac had been a watch enthusiast, this is the film he would have made. Glorious and unique as always! Respect and gratitude rules! 🙂

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