Luxury vs Affordable: Is It Worth It? + Marc's Rolex Submariner Story & Best Value In Luxury Watches

Today I’m joined once again by the man, the myth, the legend—Marc from Long Island Watch—for another laidback #watchtalk episode.

We discuss luxury vs affordable watches including: Is paying more worth it? How does this dynamic compare to other luxury goods? What defines a luxury watch? And what is the most crucial element that determines the luxury status of a product? Is it price, craftsmanship, quality, exclusivity or all of the above?

Marc also shares his experience with buying a Rolex Submariner, and why he’s so dissatisfied with it compared to other watches that don’t cost nearly as much. We also discuss our top picks for the best value in entry-level luxury watches for well-versed collectors and first-time buyers, and which brands offer the best bang for your buck. And because we’re discussing luxury timepieces, look out for a special appearance from the preeminent lover of luster and opulence—the one and only Sir Hugo Mountbatten.

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