LONDON WATCH SHOW | Talking Watches with Roman Sharf & Watch Eric | Ended Up In Trotters Ep. 20

Hello people! Welcome to our 20th episode of Welcome To The Penthouse! Today we show you some of the dealings of the week, alongside some familiar faces at the London Watch Show.

We start off with fellow London trader Cassidy popping in for our first deal together, he sells us a Rolex Datejust 41 with Arabic Dial. Kallum also treats the team to some lunch. We get paid a visit by 2 traders who try to sell us some gold pieces. Tom picks up a custom Olive dial Rolex Datejust 41.

Old friend @David Khalil comes in to see some of our stock, we talk in depth about an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Foundation, a rare piece Judd picked up for £11,000 back in the day. We also show him our white gold Frosted Audemars Piguet with Purple dial. We also go in depth about our Richard Mille’s, the Rafa Nadal and St Tropez.

Alex talks you through some of his recent buys, Judd discusses his Audemars Piguet 38mm Royal Oak with a Grey Rhodium dial. Alex and Kallum meet with interior designers to discuss some options for the penthouse refurb. Rio talks through some of our diamond set Cuban link chains, H, Alex and Judd discuss stocking out the new North London store. A family comes in to pick up his and hers Rolex’s, a Datejust 41 fully Buss Down and a Roman dial 26mm Rolex. Judd sells a White Gold Olive Dail Day Date, and discusses why he thinks its a good investment piece. Kallum thinks its a mistake selling the Platinum Day Date Meteorite with Baguette Dial and Bezel. Mya Mills pops in again to purchase some jewellery. A busy Saturday see’s a lot of customers in and out of The Penthouse. We also see a happy Son and Mother collect and engagement ring, don’t worry – we haven’t ruined any surprises.

We take you to the London Watch show, where the boys get the opportunity to meet a lot of fans and some friends in the industry. The boys catch up with @Watch Eric , @Roman Sharf & @Paul Thorpe Watch Dealer

We head back to The Penthouse to desticker a Audemars Piguet 15500 ST Boutique Blue.

00:00 Intro
03:05 David Khalil
03:40 Royal Oak Foundation
04:26 RM Rafa Nadal
06:06 RM St Tropez
07:16 Back to Business
07:40 Grey Rhodium AP Royal Oak
08:33 Showroom Plan
10:42 Cuban Chains
12:34 White Gold Olive
13:35 Meteorite Day Date
14:58 Mya Mills
16:38 Engagement Ring
17:35 London Watch Show
18:10 Watch Eric
22:50 Paul Thorpe
25:13 Roman Sharf
27:08 Back to Business
27:32 Destickering AP

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