Kevin O'Leary & Teddy Baldassarre Visit F.P. Journe

After a day off from shooting the new season of Shark Tank, I join my friend & fellow watch collector Teddy Baldassarre as we visit the only place I’d prefer to be on a day off in L.A.

We head over to F.P. Journe and spend the day viewing some incredible pieces. Stop the madness!


  1. What's crazy is that in there home country they are just another watch co and not a superstars like they are here. I would give up a finger to own one of them they are as good as it gets

  2. The brother is extremely French and Kevin O’Leary is so American. The French find it extremely distasteful to brag and self promote. Kevin on the other hand is obsessed with money and status and does nothing but brag about his obsession with money.

  3. At he end of the video Kevin mentions that jourem, is still alive… He his the Picasso of watches!!!! Ture !! clearly, Kevin is backing on his long term investments? Not the art of creation of these magnificent showpiece of art on display in our time!! By he way the jacket his wearing "Kevin" indess to grow into it bulk up your shoulders , it just hangs on you like a jacket in the closet.

  4. O'Leary talking watches is as cringeworthy as you will find. He wears a piece of art and says its worth it because it starts a conversation. Just talk to people if you want to start a conversation, you silly!.

  5. After this video I seriously wonder why / if they are still selling further ones to him in the future… In German you would call O‘Leary a „Banause“. I cannot imagine Laurent or FP appreciate the watches going in such hands. Especially when you got this huge demand from people who value the movements and horological innovation which he clearly doesn’t

  6. Kevin should take some of the money he spends on watches and buy better clothes! Buy a jacket that actually fits! Can he not afford a tailor? And the untucked shirt with the collar popping out… seriously?

  7. Sometimes when I see some of these euro cats look/talk like the dude white blazer I wanna sock em the face. I’m a watch fan so I get it and no disrespect but it’s just an urge that I have.

  8. I feel like Journe brothers get annoyed quite a lot by their customers like Kevin. They're so deep into watch craftsmanship and creating stunning mechanism while customers like Kevin are looking at them as pretty things that will make them money or things that will elevate their ego from the exclusivity of those watches. Kinda expected from people who built their fortune by investing and selling and the sad thing is they are the only ones who will buy their watches

  9. I am amazed when people talk about watch as a. Investment … it makes it so commercial … a watch is to be cherished , enjoyed and then passed on . It is a testament of times good and bad which we all go thorough in life .. if one has to sell a watch things aren’t going that well in life

  10. That astronomic is sharp. Know I will never be able to get one but that would be my choice. Artistic, well crafted and it tick my one big check with watches: I like watches that are like a Swiss army knife, pack in the functions

  11. Journe: To reach this accuracy the optimum is made with two barrels mounted in parrallel so it delivers more constant flow of energy to the escapement.

    Teddy: So this is how he is maximizing the torque of the mainspring.

    Kevin: Does this gold come in gold or platinum?

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