Kevin O'Leary Shops for AFFORDABLE WATCHES | Ask Mr. Wonderful

Everybody knows I collect watches, and it is NOT a cheap hobby. Teddy Baldassare promised me he’d show me some timepieces that would fit right into my collection without spending more than a couple hundred dollars.

Teddy Baldassarre’s Website:
Teddy Baldassarre’s Youtube Channel:


  1. The fact that Kevin can’t stop flexing for JUST ONE SINGLE video makes me lose the very little respect I had for him

  2. I just started getting into watches. I Picked up a Seiko SRPE43 for under 300 on eBay. Absolutely no regrets, and I plan on pickup up a 45 as well.

  3. An IWC with only 11k made at 6k a pop yeah that’s affordable but can anybody get their hands on it nah! But to be fair to Kevin’s point there are some good finds at that price. I’m still going to keep saving for me a gold Daytona with mother of the pearl face

  4. my entire watch collection cost 2 hundred buts and id bet mine are more accurate then the ones in this video but to each there own

  5. Respect for Lebanon may the country rise again like phoenix from the Aches with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Don't need a ton of money to start collecting, but need a ton of money to make a collection that is a good investment that will appreciate.

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  8. Funny that Teddy went from quoting $500, and after a few recommendations, went past $1K, going back to his regular schippeal from his YT vids. Good stuff, but felt more like an upsell to Mr. Wonderful.

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  10. Wow you got your hands on the limited addition IWC Lebanon tribute watch .That’s impressive especially for you being half Lebanese.Great story .

  11. This bald guy is crazy. If I want to know the time I just look at my phone or $90 Casio. I could easily spend that kind of money on a car, house or vacation.

  12. I've found watching videos like this, like producer Michael's, has turned me into a bit of snob lmaoo. Here I am with 25k in the bank and I'm like "pssh $500, is that all??"

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