Just another Seiko chrono, or something more? Seiko Speedtimer SSC813P1 Review

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Checking out the Panda dial Seiko Speedtimer SSC813P1 /SBDL085. I also try out some of the best straps for the Seiko Speedtimer. This video contains straps and accessories that were given to me for free by brands, which is why the “Paid Promotions” flag is shown in this video.
Straps Shown in the Video

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  1. Thanks for that honest review, I agree with your pros and cons on this piece, still going to buy it because it look very nice! Also thanks for thoses straps visuals, leather and sailcloth are on my list for it too now.

  2. Very nice review I'm not quite sure about the complaints… maybe lack of finishing is ok but having solar panels in the subdials? that's pretty genius if u ask me, they look nice and the watch looks very nice… price surely bit too high…

  3. " I really, really like it, just not sure I love it" That's the reason I stopped buying watches altogether. There's always something with a watch that keeps it from being perfect to me.

  4. 675 dollars for a quartz watch from a brand that makes and sells quartz watches in their range from as little as 150 dollars ?😬 10 years ago I was lucky enough to be able to buy a brand new Hamilton chronograph with a Valjoux movement for 350 British pounds in a regular jewellery shop in a London shopping center. Hamilton still market and sell some beautifully made automatics for between 500 and 750 dollars. So too do Certina and other companies. Seiko even have some nice 200 meter dive automatics priced up at less than 500 dollars. Citizen make great value quartz watches that are solar powered with a battery that will last 25 years.
    There is NO merit in "knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing."

  5. Great review of a nice watch.
    However, why oh why do mfrs. put the date at 4:30. That's a deal breaker. For me, the order of preference for date position is; no date, 6:00, 3:00. Such a shame because I probably would have purchased it.

  6. V192 quartz movement( that's Epson, right?), not even a milled clasp, for over 600 euros? C'mon….
    These last 3-4 years Seiko has been raising their retail prices: what do we get in return? Jack shit
    Thank you for the video!

  7. I always wonder about Seiko Solar? As in how does their technology compare to Eco-drive, which is the gold standard imo. If it's just as good, then I'd be less hesitant to pick up this great looking Chrono.

  8. Good review. For me the selling points on this watch are the smooth running center hand. I try to stay away from watches with dead-beat seconds, as is common on too many quartz movements. The other selling point is the 24 hour dial. My Omega Speedmaster caliber 1045 also has a 24 hour dial. This becomes particularly useful when starting up the watch when it has not run for a while. I instantly know when it is safe to set the date. Without the 24 hour dial the only safe method is to keep turning the hands until the date changes, then turn the hands 5 more hours and set the correct date. Although this watch does not look anything like any of my caliber 6139’s, I still like it and will purchase one.

  9. Had mine in the same color as yours for about a week now and I love it. It's an eye catcher. My only wish ( not a complaint) is that it were JUST A SMIDGE bigger. 41mm would have been perfect for my 7.5 inch wrist. Otherwise, it's definitely a keeper!

  10. I Love the video quality and honest review BUT am not so crazy about the watch itself. SEIKO FLEIGHTMASTER for around $200 USD is still a superior ALTERNATIVE.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Greetings from USA 🇺🇸

  11. Thanks for pointing out the limitations of the sub dials. You're the only reviewer I've seen to date who actually mentions this. It's certainly a minus, plus those solar panels are a bit of a turn off. I don't know. I'll have to think about it. It's a great looking watch though, that's for sure.

  12. Well- done review, yet again. When I saw the preview image of the watch here, my hopes were briefly raised that Seiko was finally going to have pity on those of us who've been jonesing for an auto chronograph from them at slightly less than nosebleed prices. Obviously, no dice on that one. Worse still, this chronograph has more than a whiff of their solar dive chronograph (pre- and post-Prospex branding), at a noticeably higher markup. Not too bad at a $450 MSRP, not so hot at $600-plus.

    Of course, I'm both biased and somewhat privileged here: biased on account of already owning what I feel is one of the best all-analog solar quartz watches around (Casio Edifice EQS-A500…nope, hardly a memorable name); privileged on account of already owning an example of the very watch Seiko claims to be honoring (6139-7140), which truly was a breakthrough design on several levels, including the distinction of being (quite likely) the first automatic chronograph to reach the market in serial production. (Yeah, this is still being argued on certain other forums, but the evidence is swinging in Seiko's favor.)

    Actually, Seiko did release another chronograph, with an automatic movement, which is more pointedly a homage to the 6139 (and by association, the later 6138), but the price of that thing approaches Grand Seiko territory, so obviously not relevant to your channel's beat.

  13. I know you never meant to hurt us, man. We're just a baby band. You found a quicker way to scale the walls of fame. …Nanananana my frieeeeeeeennnnnd. Appreciate the little nod to what we must now consider a classic at 2:00. What a band.

    Oh yeah, the watch! Seriously great review. Now I know how much a well finished quartz chrono with sapphire and a decent bracelet from Seiko will cost. More than I want to spend, lol!

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