Jacob Arabo recently visited me in Beverly Hills and brought with him over $20,000,000 in watches! Plus he even had a surprise for me that you guys are going to love!

Jacob & Co
48 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 719-5887

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  1. Michael, your watch is way out of my budget but I just wanted to say that you designed a beautiful watch 🙏

  2. Hello Michael, I am interested in buying a Jacob Producer Michael watch. There are a couple of things I like to know. What’s the diameter, what are the exact costs and is there availability when we are allowed to travel to the United States per November of this year? Where can we pick up the watch. We ‘re planning on coming to Santa Monica in November. Hope to hear from you. And keep up the good work. We enjoy every video you make.

  3. id just take the w-r ^^ tho the movee one is masterpiece / art?
    jacob should make the red white one quartz lite and 3 digit then im in vv
    szell as campraD?
    22:00 they all göt 3090 tice v v (in leather xD , tesla quartz well ^ ^ ökea ?

  4. This is by far the most classy and modest watch Jacob has done. The rainbow bezel is not too much I would like to see other colors like on the gold one !!

  5. You should do a show to really show off your newly designed watches! I want to hear more about them.

  6. Why do I only see metal and rocks nicely put together without an ounce of interest?… Am I too much into tech?

  7. Michel have you looked into a watch implant lol just go the whole hog have a digital watch implanted under your skin 🙂

  8. Do you make full size clocks for hanging on the wall ? Maybe one the size of a end table that's could be like a center piece kind of like the earth watch ? It would be cool to see one for sure.

  9. The prices of these watches become meaningless when you realise they just pluck a number out of the air for the most part.

  10. When your dad has oil field and banks have no cash buy these
    I own a j and c by the way but simple one

  11. i lost my child for 500dolar because i could not offord surgeryمن بخاطر 500 دلار فرزندمو از دست دادم چون هزینه جراحی نداشتم

  12. تمام زندگی من گیر با 200دلاره….اونوقت تو 20 ملیون ساعت داری؟؟؟؟ عجب…..

  13. That chiron watch is on another level. The detail in that piece is unbelievable.

    God Bless you Jacob, and Producer Michael. For being able to afford his time pieces.

    Those are "Goals"

  14. 16k ha I wish I could throw that on a watch. But I am happy with my 200 dollar seiko snkm97. Maybe someday I can afford a high roller watch.

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