IWJG Miami Ends, But Watch Dealers Get Robbed…HORRIBLE! | CRM Life E34 – Part II

More and more dealers are getting targeted at the watch shows. Unfortunately, at IWJG Miami it was no different, as you will hear the story from the Malca-Amit security officer.

The good thing is that the show ended well for us. You will see some deals with the Timepiece Trading guys, as well as other interactions. By the end of this episode, we even get a surprise visit from the Roman Sharf and Adrian from Luxury Bazaar. The actually stop by during Carlos’ daughter’s birthday.

Near the end, Charlie gives you a rundown of all the watches that we bought at the show.

Please remember that we mainly go to watch shows to purchase luxury watches, since we hardly do any retail deals. Nevertheless, we did sell some watches to other dealers at the Miami show.

We hope you like the video. Let us know what else you would like to see on CRM Life going forward.

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