Ivermectin in Japan

Antivirals in Japan

Ivermectin allowed as a treatment on August 13

Doctors can prescribe without restrictions

People can buy it legally from India

Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association

The situation is that the whole country is suffering from disasters.

No one will listen to me, so I will come up with a new policy

The antiparasitic drug “ivermectin” shows the number of infections and deaths of the new corona in a country that is prophylactically administered for another disease in Africa.

It is necessary to thoroughly study the clinical trial, but it seems that we are at the stage where it is okay to have the patient give an informed outlet and get permission to use it


Population, 126 million

Cases, + 79

Deaths, + 2

Lowest since June 23, 2020

Currently reopening

More than 76% of population is fully vaccinated

(South Korea, high vaccination but uptick in infections)

Boosters to start in December

Ingrained pre-pandemic flu seasons mask wearing

Delta variant wave ends

Delta variant “self-extinction”

Viral genetic mutations

Ituro Inoue, professor, National Institute of Genetics

Delta variant in Japan accumulated too many mutations

Virus’s error-correcting protein, nsp14

Majority of nsp14 specimens in Japan seemed to have undergone many genetic changes in mutation sites called A394V

Non-structural protein, made by the virus

Therefore errors accumulated leading to non-viability


More people in Asia have a defense enzyme called APOBEC3A that attacks RNA viruses,

Including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19,

when compared to people in Europe and Africa.

National Institute of Genetics and Niigata University

Research to discover how the APOBEC3A protein affects the nsp14 protein

A394V discovered in 24 other countries

SARS ended abruptly in 2003

Working on a drug to inhibit nsp14


  1. You hold up a coincidence that a short time after the Japanese government allowed ivermectin for use, case numbers dropped, but then you admit that the government hasn't allowed use.
    Dr. Ozaki and colleagues first spoke about using ivermectin back in at least February. Why has covid continued to rage after this if speaking about its use is enough to make case numbers drop?
    Japan's numbers rose sharply because of the relaxation of restrictions in the lead up to the Olympics, they declared a state of emergency in mid July, and two months later the numbers had returned to manageable levels.

  2. Good research, Asia all over is not interested in the World Economic Forum and their supporters to collapse the world’s economy.
    Only the western leaders are playing this horrendous and in humane treatment of its citizens.

  3. As far as I know, Japan do not use the same kind of vaccine we use, because experimental vaccination is forbidden. They prefer vitamin D instead of the kind of immunization we use. Am I wrong?

  4. I watched a video a few years ago (pre-covid) of a westerner in Japan giving someone a tour of Tokyo. The question came up about the frequency of people wearing masks. The tour guide said it wasn't fear of disease but because of pollen allergies. There are so many flowering plants throughout the year that the air has a high pollen load. Anyone have info about that?

  5. Japan already has been practicing all the distancing and masking and vaccinations but as we can see on the graph the cases spiked but when ivermectin was started 12 days after the cases went down … if we still can’t see it … we are doomed because we refuse to see the simplicity of it… we can explain away whatever fits our narrative but common sense/ truth is right in front of our eyes! God help us🙏🏻

  6. its also important to understand, according to independent research Ivermectin when take at the first sign of infection both stops the replication of the virus & clears viral load within 2 days making people who are sick, noncontagious to others, it does need to be used in combination with other treatments to clear up the conditions of this two part bioweapon.

    the point being if they gave everyone Ivermectin, told them to start it at the first sign of any cold or flu like symptoms & stay home for 3 or 4 days, there would be no need for authoritarian protocols that were implemented under the guise of flattening a curve to lessen impact on healthcare, it was never to be a mitigation strategy that has obviously failed allowing the time necessary for mutations under an impossible 0 COVID objective, as oppose to keeping the valve open as much as possible & only closing it as little as necessary to manage actual not predicted healthcare load, as the objective with every respiratory virus has always been to allow it to pass through as quickly as possible & burn its self out.

    thus now they are hyping the MORONIC variant which from all reports is no worse than a seasonal cold & is doing what viruses naturally do when they mutate, become more contagious & less severe. yet governments around the world are locking down again as they do not want this power virus to ever go away & the propaganda press is back selling their could's & what if's again to sell fear to the public.

    seeing as they have been so successful in terrorizing people out of their civil liberties & human dignity over a virus with a 99% recovery rate unless you are in end of life care, I would now expect them to start testing for the seasonal flu with a bogus PCR test & start advertising total positives as "cases" when those numbers are totally irrelevant as the only number of any meaning is actual fatalities from not with the virus & the age group & health of those fatalities.

    but we will never get that as they need to cover up all the fatalities & ADE from the jabs that started with a big spike out of nowhere in every country going the vaccine route starting about 2 weeks after the jabs started in every nation in every community.

    the biggest question is how many more years will the people of the world will allow their governments to keep doing the same things while claiming somehow they will get a different outcome ?

  7. It is advisable to put the time and effort to develop your own understanding of these matters instead of ingesting carte blanche the often times biased interpretation of others.

    False. Japan has not approved ivermectin to treat COVID-19, nor has it halted its vaccine rollout.
    This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here

  9. Don't mean to be offensive but your graph data doesn't really show any correlation of anything. How do you even know the data is recorded accurately or without bias? The only thing I noticed is that when there is a huge outbreak, the cases settle down. This means that the only way to beat this is to have everyone infected. The vaccines are not working.

  10. Important to say, they started prescribing ivermectin and confirmed, once and for all, its safety. The Japanese are taking a drug that western media likens to horse droppings and they are not dying from it. But, let's keep it illegal for those of us that would like to get it safely. There is a reason western leaders will not allow it. I won't speculate what the reason is because I'll sound conspiratorial. None of the reasons I can come up with are anything short of diabolical.

  11. It's somewhat telling when Japan approves a similar policy as Uttar Pradesh, and then sees similar results. That's exactly how science works. If you do an experiment, and you get the same results when you do it again, it scientifically tells you something.

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