Is this the Perfect Dress Watch? | Hands-On with Grand Seiko SBGW277 & SBGW283 | Worn & Wound

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The Grand Seiko “SBGW” dress watch has garnered renewed attention from enthusiasts in the last year as new variants have come to market. In this video, Zach Kazan and Zach Weiss, both owners of these charming watches, discuss what makes them so special.

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  1. absolutely adore my sbgw289, fits beautifully on the wrist and the absence of double markers save for 12 brings me joy

  2. NOOOOOooooo! the perfect watch (yes) but made for dwarfs (no). Every perfection but the size. If you are a girl and your suitor offers you one of these: sell your heart, sell your soul, he has taste and loves you for sure.

  3. I’m going to get my first GS by the end of the year. I’m going to make this an heirloom piece that gets worn only on special occasions. I feel like between a Rolex or a GS I’m taking the GS just based off of movements and dial not to mention finishing and actually being able to purchase one without selling my wife.

  4. 4:32: Strong and not too long! Very important, imho. A mistake very often made by today's watch manufacturers. I mean why keep the case to 38mm 'for the smaller wrist' if you give it a lug to lug of 47up to 49mm (for the bigger wrist)?

  5. Maybe a bit of a background topic but apart from the watches I see at least two other interestingJapanese products.
    You might like to 'review' Aberlour A'bunadh, even though it is not Japanese and it will not tell time.

  6. Nice chat about some beautiful watches. I am the proud owner of the GS SGBW231 and to me, it is simply an understated stunner. I never tire of looking at the time! 😅

  7. Thanks Zachs (plural) for the video. Great GS manual wind timepieces. Agree with comment re straps. I swapped out the bracelet on my SBGH 273 Autumn for a GS rubber strap…completely changes the look to be more sporty and casual. 👍⌚️🇯🇵

  8. Great watches, but how do they wind? do you feel a good resistance when it is almost fully wound? Something that scares me with handwound watches. The look is simply stellar. It’s the GS Calatrava.

  9. Have them both and yes they are magnificent but i still prefer the SBGW231. I can look at it for hours and never enough. Great video guys

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