In this video I unbox a Citizen Promaster Diver that I bought discounted from the Amazon Warehouse. You will see in this video if the watch turns up with the damage described on Amazon or not!

Because this was a one off item I do not have a link to this on Amazon for this exact watch but here are some links to other divers like this currently available. These are affiliate links. – –

Diameter – 41.8mm
Case Length – 47.6mm
Thickness – 12.4mm
Lug Width – 20mm
Weight – 94g
Materials – Stainless Steel, Mineral Crystal
Movement – Automatic 8200 series
Hacking – Yes
Hand Winding – Yes
AR coating – No
Water Resistance – 200m
Lume – Yes
Screw Pins – N/A
Solid End Links – N/A
Clasp – Steel Buckle
Micro Adjustments – N/A
Applied Indexes – Yes
Screw Down Case Back – Yes
Screw Down Crown – Yes
Ghost Position – No

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  1. To get to the Amazon Warehouse watches, go to the drop down menu next to the search bar and select Amazon Warehouse, or just type ‘ warehouse’ into the search bar and it will give you the option to select that department. Enjoy!

  2. Gorgeous!! This is the watch that is famous for being used by the Italian Navy Divers.

    I have one. It's lasted over 10 years. Amazing peice. I love it. It dosent age well but I think it looks amazing since it was designed in the 90s.

    This is a very special watch. One of the most iconic you've had on the channel

  3. Nice watch. You mentioned what you paid for it but not the Amazon regular price. Depending on the difference those few mars may make the savings well worthwhile. Also – I'm betting that is a mineral crystal so yeah, that ought to buff out fairly well. Unless you use a grinder. Then not so much.😉

  4. Might be very informative if you used the Polywatch glass kit to remove that scratch on the crystal. (I take it from comments that it's mineral and not sapphire)
    I've used it before myself and it does work – on non-descript mineral and also on Hardlex- but, boy!, the instructions are not kidding (they are German, they do not kid, ever) it takes time and also some elbow grease to get 'er done. You might quite enjoy it.

  5. Every time I order on Amazon Warehouse they send me the most messed up thing or not even the correct item at times lol I just purchase it new now.

  6. Cor the Promasters have gone up in price recently! I paid £160 for mine brand new just last year. Fantastic watch with proper provenance and specs. If you weren't aware, the Marina Militare (Italian Seals/SBS) used this as their watch for decades after they tested them and found they were actually good to 500m. Didn't get specials versions either, theirs were standard versions with the dial scraped clear of lettering and 'Marina Militare' printed on.

    As for the crystal, it should polish out, doesn't look to be too deep. Once you've done that, have a look at screen protectors for digital watches. You can get them on eBay in a variety of sizes and they're fantastic. 9H hardness with a curved edge. 29mm is the diameter you need for the Citizen (the crystal is wider but has a chamfer on the edge). I've got them fitted to multiple watches now and forget they're on there.

  7. Okay, I've got something to say.
    A while ago, I got a promaster diver for 100 usd, used it for 3 days at work (kitchen) and the watch got a scratched glass, bezel and the diver chart was coming off. (I got a steeldive instead and the case is scratched AF but the cristal amd bezel look like new.)
    I got so mad (even at that price point) that I put it on eBay and got my 100usd back.
    I like Citizen's movements, I guess, but I think they're charging seiko money at Orient quality.
    So, Flip that watch Gary!

  8. you roll the dice sometimes you lose its always a gamble they mostly are good quality and no damage but its a risk as amazon will accept watches back damaged by the customer and just refund good review as always 1 out of 7 is not bad

  9. This is a very good diver watch for £140 ! I use this exact same model myself for various outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, swimming etc.
    No point in trying to buff the case or hide a scuff on the mineral crystal, coz it will scuff at some point anyway. Just enjoy wearing it as is. Cheers ♥

  10. I got three items for the family from Amazon Warehouse … and while the boxes were definitely dinged and crunched the items themselves were perfectly fine … that said the more people who.find out about Amazon Warehouse the fewer bargains there will be and I suspect the more product issues there will be.

  11. I ordered a watch last wk, namely a seconda smart watch 70 quid , the wife answered the door , and was passed the package , wham bam 💥 an empty box ,, another thieving basket , they sent another the following day ,, returning that one as the guy who did a review on YouTube was talking bollox , my dog would have a more accurate idea of my heart beat , cheers shane uk 🇬🇧

  12. I think that's a good buy you have there Gary, the NY0040's are great 'beater watches' and at least as good as an 'SKX' but with 'hacking' and the later ones 'hand winding' too.
    Looking forward to a review and what you do to 'fix it up' etc.

  13. I’ve used diamond paste, available on Amazon, used .25 micron to take out scratches from hardlex/ mineral crystals. I used a dremel with buffing attachment. You can always start with a more aggressive micron and work your way down… good luck!

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