Is the OMEGA Aqua Terra the Perfect Everyday Luxury Watch in 2021?


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If you’re in the market for your first real luxury watch and looking for something with everyday versatility and durability, there is a relatively long list of options from major watch brands and even a few charming independents. However, for me, the Omega Aqua Terra is a watch that should be at or near the top of your list if you’re looking for a “one and done” luxury watch for everyday wear. In this video, we’ll go in depth with the modern Aqua Terra in a 41mm variant with a striking green dial to examine what it is that makes this watch so high on my list.

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  1. Made a promise with myself If I Stay sober and Don't cheat on my sobriety for over a year…. I deserve to treat my self with a proper Swiss watch, a bargain compared a year's worth of narcotics…. I planned on a day date, but that year anniversary is approaching and I the aqua terra is fast becoming my the watch I want

  2. fantastic review teddy. love your channel. we have the same exact size wrists. thank you for showcasing the 41mm on your wrists. I will most likely go for that one. πŸ™πŸ™Œ

  3. I am saving up my cash for the Omega AT 41mm with the Blue Dial , it is a stunning Watch, one of the Best, Thank you Teddy for a great review , buying it next month πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. sadly the Omega customer experience is garbage. Personally I had a much worse experience than at all Rolex AD's in my city.

  5. I'm debating between this Omega AT Green Dial and the Blue-ish Grand Seiko Soko with the Spring Drive (SBGA471). It's my one and done and meant as my wedding watch and 1st luxury. What do you recommend?

  6. I had one in my hands yesterday at a dealer. I was disappointed… Ruined by the GS I was wearing (SBGA399). Most of the finishing on the GS is better, especially the bezel. I did not realise what a difference the sallaz finishing makes

  7. It's boring and unnoticeable. It's entirely inoffensive. It is a very watch looking watch. Most non watch enthusiasts would think, OK this guy is wearing a watch and would probably think it was a fossil or an expensive Seiko. Most girls would be unenthused. Compliments on any watch are limited, but on an aqua terra, you're more likely to get complimented on your 1 dollar bracelet. But better than most thinking you're wearing a crass ugly looking watch like a Patek or an AP RO.

  8. Yes! Just got a gorgeous 38mm Aqua in blue.a wonderful retail sales experience as well, in contrast to the horrible Cartier experience I hadπŸ˜₯.

  9. Excellent review, thanks Teddy! Really enjoy watching all of your reviews. They’re well thought out, articulate, and informative with beautiful videography.

  10. Just got mine today — 38mm blue dial (although the green was very tempting). In love. Can't stop looking at it. And can't stop watching this video. Thank you for helping me arrive at my decision. This watch is a work of art.

  11. Wanted and saving for the 3861 speedmaster. As my one watch. But I have two chronos already, and I'm thinking would this be a better option

  12. I have no doubts that this boy is paid by omega. He does not stop making videos about how good Omega is and avoids saying that they lose value and very quickly.

  13. I just tried one on. I'm getting it for my 40th birthday next month. I'm going for the 38mm as well.

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