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1) Custom Saiga-9

2) Bul Armory SAS II UR

3) Micro-Ronis

4) SilencerCo Salvo-12 Shotguns

5) GM94

6) PP-1

7) Magpul PMAG D-50 GL9

8) Maxim 50

9) Safety First Arms Smart 2 (Preview)

10) Chiappa Triple Crown (Preview)

11) Leupold D-EVO (Preview)

12) B&T USW-A1

13) F1 Firearms custom built AR

14) SIX12

00:00 – CUSTOM SAIGA-9
01:53 – MICRO-RONI
03:46 – GM94
04:47 – PP-1
05:32 – MAGPUL PMAG D-50 GL9
06:23 – MAXIM 50
10:23 – B&T USW-A1
11:58 – SIX12

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  1. FYI Call of duty gets its gun from real manufacturers so technically there's no AR15 style rifle from Call of duty.

  2. Nothing more fun than taking the family target shooting. I have an AR15, FN FNS 9mm, my wine has the FN 509 9mm and a .22 Marlon rifle, my 1w yro daughter has a mag fed heavy barrel .22 rifle scoped x8 by Savage arms. We don't hunt just take our 2nd Amendment v e ry seriously.

  3. The only upside of the “Smart Gun” is that the person/persons who are lost depending on it probably are better out of the gene pool.

  4. Great Video!! But Please Stop Using The Politician Invented Term “Assault Rifle”. Thanks And Have A Great One.

  5. Wow,,,,in local news,,,guy shots children at school,,,,ohh yah them Americans have the right too bear arm's,,,,,ban all guns nobody needs too get shot this year 🤔,

  6. Please see this verse

    Revelation 14:12

    Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

  7. ah yes…. I seen yall change the thumbnail 2 hours after uploading this and I was gonna say the old one was better…. Which is this one! 🙂

  8. The grenade launcher in reach was a single shot breach loader so not really, it's more like the shotgun it has an above barrel tube magazine

  9. The following opinions may offend certain people:

    Saiga-9: a worse option compared to a 9mm AR build.
    SAS II: competition range toy only
    Micro-Roni: Outdated. New model is called the MCK. Okay for home defense, not good for CCW. Better options available to turn your pistol into a shoulder carbine.
    Silencerco Shotgun: a prime option for home defense, except for the price tag and the NFA wait time.
    GM94: military use only, so completely irrelevant to civilian consumers.
    PP-1: old idea modernized, still worse than what replaced the old idea to begin with.
    Drum Mag: Expensive, bulky and heavy. Fun at the range, possible use at home, impractical everywhere else.
    MAXIM 50: Single-shot suppressed fixed configuration. This is a dedicated platform that costs 1K + $200 NFA stamp. You could get more firepower and a cheap can for the same price.
    Safety-First: That is a tragedy just WAITING to happen. Anyone who claims something is idiot-proof is underestimating how clever idiots are. Notice that kid in the clip violating every rule of gun safety at once.
    Chiappa Triple: Fun range toy, better options available.
    D-EVO: This is discontinued. Way to advertise something that no longer exists.
    USW: This is a better alternative to the MCK/Roni, but it's much pricier.
    F1 Custom: Someone hasn't heard what happened to the Chauchat machine gun in WWI.
    SIX12: Vaporware, bulkier than a Masterkey. The ability to convert between underbarrel and standalone modes is of limited practical use. Reload is faster than a tube mag, but you'll pay for that in extra weight of the drums.

  10. Or…hear me out…you teach your children and other family members about gun safety, maybe even take them to the range so they know what it is and what it can do along with how NOT to use it, then you can leave loaded guns on the nightstand either way 🙂 The "smart" gun thing is a great way to die if it malfunctions/runs out of battery/etc when your life is on the line.

  11. All these idiots who think that they're some expert marksman because they shoot at static targets all day. That does make you any better at shooting some moving, breathing target. Wear you stupid camo, duck down whilst you fire, (because you saw that in some movie), walk towards your target too, (don't look for someone else who's trying to shoot you). This is all BS !! You can add millions of dollars worth of technology to a weapon and these morons couldn't hit the broad side of that barn.

  12. I left Hungary in 1956, but the forest guards had 3 barrel shotguns. Side by side 12 gauge, and a 30-06 at the bottom. They used them for bore hunting, and they were monsters. One of the ones they killed had a head of 104kg. It took all 3 shots to take it down.

  13. The SIX12 is basically Buck's skeleton key shotgun from R6, and on it's own it looks like Ying's shotgun. They really are just making R6 operator gadgets in real life and I love it!

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