I Spent $7500 On Apple Watch Series 7 Accessories. What's The Best Gear For The New Apple Watch?

So the Apple Watch Series 7 is out! Looking to deck out your new Watch with some accessories? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a roundup of the best accessories that we’ve used in the last year.

*Now there isn’t much difference in terms of physical size between Series 6 and Series 7. I’ve been able to use all my Series 6 gear with the Series 7 BUT I do know companies like to refine their products for each iteration of the Apple Watch. So depending on when you’re watching this video, make sure you’re getting Series 7 products. There’s a good chance the Series 6 stuff will work BUT I’m just putting it out there for the risk adverse.

Check out our initial Apple Watch Series 7 Impressions:

Best iPhone 13 Cases:

Best iPhone 13 Accessories:

Fake Vs. Real Apple Watch Bands:

Fake Vs. Real Milanese Apple Watch Strap:

Here’s our Top Picks with buy links:

-Best Apple Watch Multi-Charger-
#1 Belkin BoostCharge Pro:
#2 Logitech Powered:
#3 Nomad Base Station:

-Best Apple Watch Charger-
#1 Apple 20W Charger:
#2 Anker PowerPort 3 Nano:
#3 MagBak 20W PD:

-Best Apple Watch Portable Charging-
#1 Mophie All-In-One Charger –

-Best Apple Watch Hybrid Screen Protectors-
#1 Rhinoshield 3D Impact –
#2 InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ –

-Best Apple Watch Glass Screen Protectors-
#1 FloLab Apple Watch – “MRE10” @ (I think this code still works)

-Best Apple Watch Cases-
#1 Rhinoshield Crashguard –
#2 Otterbox ExoEdge –
#3 Pitaka Air Case –
#4 UAG Civilian –

-Best Apple Watch Straps For The Gym-
#1 Apple/Nike Sport Loop –
#2 Nike Sport Band –
#3 Monowear Active Nylon Strap –

-Best Apple Watch Straps For The Fancy/Office Life-
#1 Apple Milanese Loop –
#2 Apple Leather Link –
#3 Monowear Canvas Strap –
#4 Pitaka Modern Carbon Fibre –

*Honorable mention: Mifa Hybrid Sport Bands:

-Best Apple Watch Lugs-
#1 Pela Apple Watch Lugs –

In this Video:

0:00 Intro
1:03 Multi-Chargers
2:34 Normal Chargers (20W)
4:03 Portable Battery Bank
5:31 Screen Protectors
7:48 Cases
10:14 Straps for Working Out
13:29 Fancy Straps
16:53 Apple Watch Lugs

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  1. Is the only difference between Otterbox eco edge and rhinoshield that rhinoshield can change colors?
    I'm not interested in the color changing so I can't decide which to get. Do the bumper pieces of the rhinoshield case ever wear out?

  2. Hi! I can't find the pela lugz anywhere, are you sure they're available without a band? Even on Pela's website there is no mention of lugs (or lugz). They look amazing in your video 😁

  3. Hi just wanna say I appreciate all the hard work you two put into the videos and have been very helpful for me. There is one thing I think might not be correct or clear, you mentioned the rhino shield crash guards for the watch but the series 6 versions don’t seem to fit the series 7 well. Did rhino shield make a series 7 since I don’t see any on their website?

  4. Amazon watch bands are outstanding. I like them better then Apple they are cheaper and look the exact same as the Apple. Why spend $49-$89 when you can get the same product on Amazon for &5.99-$15.99. The Amazon quality is amazing.

  5. Thumbs down and unsubscribed. I like your guys personality but i am really disappointed because I bought the recommended Rhinoshield 3D Impact from this video and it does NOT fit the new Series 7. There is no version that fits and I ended up wasting my time and money with the product because of your recommendation. How was this not double checked and verified? Are you just click-baiting for views since the new watch came out?

  6. Is Otterbox exo edge case fits on Series 7? I only see 44mm now in Canada, but I think that’s for Series 6 or other previous versions, was wondering if I can put it on 7

  7. Will the crash guard case fit on the 45mm series 7 because it’s only showing 44mm case, And will the 3D impact screen protector fit on the 45mm series 7 because it only gives an option for the 44mm screen protector on the website.

  8. Decided to go back to Apple after having a Samsung for the past few years. iOS is underwhelming, but I've been wanting a new phone and that Sierra Blue is gorgeous (the only reason I went back to an iPhone lol). I always wear my Active 2, so I decided to get my first Apple Watch. I love getting new tech. Can't wait for both to be delivered.

  9. Man, is it some kind of a joke or what?
    So I am checking your "no.1" case for AW7 and guess what:
    "We are working on new products for the Apple Watch Series 7!

    Sign up to be the first to know when they are launched, and share this with your friends who are interested as well so they won’t miss out!"

    W T F 🤬🤬🤬

  10. Lots of good information packed in this video, perhaps maybe break this into 2 or 3 shorter videos with subject titles on what accessories are in the video would help me find this video in the future. Love Monty sitting next to you!

  11. Will the Logitec powered charge my Iphone13 pro, Apple Watch 7 and Earpods? I used your link and it says its compatible with the iPhone 8!
    it did not mention any other iPhones.

  12. A personal suggestion from my side if you wanna rock a more sophisticated and classy watch strap is the stainless steel band from Nomad. I have many bands but this one is by far the best, even better than my milanaise band from Apple.

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