I Spent $7500 On Apple Watch Series 7 Accessories. What's The Best Gear For The New Apple Watch?

So the Apple Watch Series 7 is out! Looking to deck out your new Watch with some accessories? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a roundup of the best accessories that we’ve used in the last year.

*Now there isn’t much difference in terms of physical size between Series 6 and Series 7. I’ve been able to use all my Series 6 gear with the Series 7 BUT I do know companies like to refine their products for each iteration of the Apple Watch. So depending on when you’re watching this video, make sure you’re getting Series 7 products. There’s a good chance the Series 6 stuff will work BUT I’m just putting it out there for the risk adverse.

Check out our initial Apple Watch Series 7 Impressions:

Best iPhone 13 Cases:

Best iPhone 13 Accessories:

Fake Vs. Real Apple Watch Bands:

Fake Vs. Real Milanese Apple Watch Strap:

Here’s our Top Picks with buy links:

-Best Apple Watch Multi-Charger-
#1 Belkin BoostCharge Pro:
#2 Logitech Powered:
#3 Nomad Base Station:

-Best Apple Watch Charger-
#1 Apple 20W Charger:
#2 Anker PowerPort 3 Nano:
#3 MagBak 20W PD:

-Best Apple Watch Portable Charging-
#1 Mophie All-In-One Charger –

-Best Apple Watch Hybrid Screen Protectors-
#1 Rhinoshield 3D Impact –
#2 InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ –

-Best Apple Watch Glass Screen Protectors-
#1 FloLab Apple Watch – “MRE10” @ (I think this code still works)

-Best Apple Watch Cases-
#1 Rhinoshield Crashguard –
#2 Otterbox ExoEdge –
#3 Pitaka Air Case –
#4 UAG Civilian –

-Best Apple Watch Straps For The Gym-
#1 Apple/Nike Sport Loop –
#2 Nike Sport Band –
#3 Monowear Active Nylon Strap –

-Best Apple Watch Straps For The Fancy/Office Life-
#1 Apple Milanese Loop –
#2 Apple Leather Link –
#3 Monowear Canvas Strap –
#4 Pitaka Modern Carbon Fibre –

*Honorable mention: Mifa Hybrid Sport Bands:

-Best Apple Watch Lugs-
#1 Pela Apple Watch Lugs –

In this Video:

0:00 Intro
1:03 Multi-Chargers
2:34 Normal Chargers (20W)
4:03 Portable Battery Bank
5:31 Screen Protectors
7:48 Cases
10:14 Straps for Working Out
13:29 Fancy Straps
16:53 Apple Watch Lugs

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