I Predicted the Champions League FINAL By Their Watches… (1-0 Real Madrid!!)

It’s the Champions League Final this weekend! So I decided to predict the winner using nothing less than their most valuable assets. Liverpool and Real Madrid go head-to-head in the first ever “Watch-off”. Comment your winner!!!

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  1. Hey Nico. Can we get a video about Bremont? Went to their Wing the other day and it’s cool af. I think they’re an important brand to the watch industry, certainly for British watch making and the two brothers are inspiring. They make some great watches and have made such a name for themselves on such a short period of time.

  2. The Nautilus is a time and date only, but the IWC is a FUCKIN LIMITED EDITION PERPETUAL CALENDAR.

  3. Of course! Real Madrid, an other day in our office, winning the 14 champions league, the best team in history.!!

  4. if you do some research on gettyimages, you'll notice that a number of liverpool players are rocking a custom AP royal oak offshore chronograph with a red band. It's been seen on Fab, Mo, and others

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