I forgot about these watches – Watch Journey Continued

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Omega Seamaster
Rolex Submariner
Apple Watch

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  1. I own a cellular Apple Watch and leave my iPhone at home. I set up the notifications/apps to my preferences. No Social Media apps. No Work notifications. Fitness, iMessage & Apple Pay 👍🏻. Sublime.

  2. i just inherited an Omega Seamaster from the 50s and the dial is damaged around every marker but its a really cool watch and im excited to have it

  3. I brought a Rolex Submariner in 1970 for
    $250 at the PX . I was in the Marines at the time wanted something a little better than the issue watch. I still have it, never wear it, will never sell it to many memories. The question is would I buy a Rolex Sub today, only if I had a time machine.

  4. I would have thought that The Grand Seiko SBGN would have been prominent in your journey. It definitely is in mine. The full circle moment back to quartz was a glorious throwing off of the snobbery around watches for me, and I thought for you also. Maybe I missed that vid. Sorry for f I did.

  5. This Omega from 1958 is absolutely wonderful – I am looking for such a watch (new production). Longines has one similiar: the conquest heritage (35 and 40 mm) – but they ruin it with the date a 12 o'clock position – this makes it a no-buy. Longines, please do a 36 mm with no date on this wonderful piece!

  6. My brother in law bought an Omega Speedmaster I think it is a 1962 version in Hamburg when he played in a band with the likes of the Beatles. The years haven't been kind to it so we have sent it to Omega to be restored for his 80th birthday. I'm sure he is going to be delighted when it's returned and not at all concerned that it is not the original condition.

  7. I love your channel. So we’ll done. I have a 1950s omega sea master from my grandfather. Some of the markings on the dial have been faded out. What is a redial and is it a means to have the dial restored? I’d love to have Automatic and Swiss painted back on. Any suggestions what to do?

  8. I have almost the same Omega Seamaster but mine is a 1959 and a limited model with both the Logo and Omega applied gold on a white cream dial. I chose to keep the original dial and the orange petina spots seem to match the spots on the Ostrich leather band. I won mine at auction in poor condition and had it fully restored, it is one of my favourite watches and sits right next to my 1967 Eternamatic Kontike 20.

  9. I see a lot of these vintage Omega Seamasters here where I live in Seoul in “Clock Alley” where there’s still a few very old watch guys still selling. They appear to be real and range in price from 400-800. Haven’t pulled the trigger on one but they’re tempting. Should I?

  10. Happy Christmas! I have a 1952 Omega which belonged to my father-in-law, and I had it refurbished by Omega, inclusive of a new dial. It’s amazing and it’s now as great looking as when my FIL bought it way back then. No regrets there, it’s the same watch with it’s original 266 caliber (new mainspring though). Is there a Rolex Explorer II video coming soon?

  11. The GS SBGW231 nearly identically resembles that Omega Seamaster but the GS is missing that je ne sais quoi, about it. It may be in the slightly larger dial, who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m always on the cusp of buying it because I love that clean look but I’m just not there yet. I think I know in the back of my mind to just save for the PP Calatrava 5127J. Anyway great content as always, thanks.

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