I Bought A New Vacheron Overseas Watch! How Much Did I Pay A Grey Market Dealer?

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I Bought A New Vacheron Overseas! How Much Did I Pay?
0:00 Whats on the wrist today?
00:47 What i really want to talk to you about!
02:12 Its difficult finding a Vacheron Overseas in the Aftermarket
02:30 Vacheron Overseas in Stainless steel Black Dial
03:36 Three Watches in One! Best Pick for One Watch Collection!
03:08 How much i paid the aftermarket for a Vacheron Overseas Blue Dial
03:28 Charges & Taxes!!!!
04:57 The Total Cost Breakdown!
06:25 Vacheron Overseas Blue Dial Watch Review
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Vacheron Overseas Blue Dial in Rose Gold 41mm Case
Vacheron Overseas Blue Dial REFERENCE: 4500V/110A-B128
41 mm , Stainless steel,
Perfectly suited to active lifestyles, this Stainless Steel watch houses an automatic movement with an oscillating weight in 22K gold, inspired by the wind rose, a tribute to the spirit of travel. At 3 o’clock, a simple aperture opens to reveal the date. Thanks to its clasp and system of three easily interchangeable straps – blue alligator, blue rubber and 5N 18K pink gold – the watch can be personalized according to the owner’s wishes. Through its links, the bracelet subtly reveals the Maltese cross, a Vacheron Constantin icon.

Stainless Steel

Size (mm)
41 mm

Thickness (mm)

Transparent caseback, sapphire glass

Water-resistance (bar)


Number of bracelets


Ardillon buckle + Claps

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  1. I live in Hong Kong. I pay 0% extra.:D
    Oh and I got the Chrono blue with 25% off back then, just before it became a boutique exclusive. Ridiculous prices now.

  2. Sorry to say that but you are a big sucker. Does not worth it! Even you wait 2 years you must pain retail. Better order in Swiss and take a plane and pick it up locally. Travel, visit , many interesting things and even after you are more cheaper !!! In my opinion you did wrong. But you know how it is said stupidity and gentle have a price

  3. Your voice is not my voice, thats for sure. Those mistakes are not me budy!
    The 5% tax were of UAE were introduced a few years back, so you should have known. Ai ai ai

  4. You are super naive man. You should have known, as there are two countries involved, shipping involved, insurance invovled. You could have asked as well. I really think you did all wrong. They dont have to tell you when you deal INTERNATIONALLY, its given. Your naivity is on another level. I salute you though for the choice of the watch.

  5. I lived on Dubai ,, and even now am in Canada I order from Dubai I never pay what u paid man , u got scammed ,, it's a nice watch but ,, it ain't worth u getting jacked for it ,,

  6. Ridah, I must say I think you went totally impulsive on this purchase specially for the fact that you already have the same exact watch with the same exact dial in pink gold and you paid the same if not more for the stainless version?! 🤔 It is a beautiful watch no doubt but to have two of the same model in different metal is little redundant for me personally. I would’ve gone for the blue or black just to change it up a little. I definitely understand the sickness we have as I also spend a lot of time and money on our crazy hobby and trust me my friend I’ve made some large impulse purchases as well🤫! But obviously that just goes to show how incredibly gorgeous and intoxicating that blue dial is! On another note I was extremely fortunate and I was able to purchase from the authorized dealer a 4600 E on the bracelet! 🥳 It is absolutely gorgeous and I am extremely happy that it is still a sleeper and not a hyped model as I got “the call” just over five weeks after getting on the list.

  7. Everyone is responsible for knowing about import taxes, duties and fees. There are so many free websites that give you this info. No point in complaining if you were relying on others to tell you this.

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