On a recent trip to New York I went to see my good friend Jacob Arabo at the flagship Jacob & Co store and ended up buying 15 watches!

For 50% off any of the Classic Jacob Watches, call: (212) 719-5887 and tell them Producer Michael sent you!



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  1. And this is why Jacob&Co are just sh*t. Imagine Thierry Stern talking to a YouTuber, selling him 15 watches. No way, he doesn't need to. Jacob&Co is just a b*tch open to anybody who'll buy because frankly nobody wants it. They just slap a high price on it, doesn't mean their sh*t watches has any value.

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  3. 22:50 Oh man when Jacob opens the suitcases with the "classics" wow . The classic world piece man couldn't help but smile with michael and adam lol

  4. So Garry Genslers buddies can buy their girlfriends $5 million dollar necklaces. Off the working man.

  5. You know you've watched too many Producer Michael's video when Mr Jacob mentioned a $36,000 limited edition watch and your mind thinks "Oh it's affordable", like what Michael thinks.

  6. why do people not respect his watches like some other brands? his watches have such amazing designs an such complicated and impressive craftsmanship.

  7. Who even wears stuff like this any more? Maybe some Hollywood celeb at the Oscar’s that no one watches anymore.

  8. I’ve got news for producer Michael, nobody wants those ugly gaudy shirts he wears nor those Gowdy cheap hideous watches.

  9. Those gaudy watches are just better quality made 7-Eleven quit stop store watches.

  10. It's funny how cheap rich people are. You can tell Jacob gave him the 50% because at first he was talking about buying $60,000.00 watches. When he said he wanted the $4,000 watches, the look on his face said it all. He said hang on, and had the assistant pull out the knock offs.

  11. If they were quite! We maybe could of heard the watches Diesel motor Purrrrr.

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