How to use your Apple Watch | Apple Support

Learn how to use the Digital Crown, side button, and gestures to respond to messages, use Apple Pay, try out a new watch face, and more on your Apple Watch.

Topics Covered:
0:00 – Intro
00:07 – Respond to a message
00:25 – View and clear notifications
00:59 – Open Control Center
01:19 – Use Apple Pay
01:35 – Change watch face
01:53 – Use Siri
02:05 – Return to watch face
02:10 – Return to last-used app
02:18 – Open the Dock
02:26 – Call for help, turn off Apple Watch, and turn on Apple Watch

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  1. That's weird, I am just learning the settings of this watch that I want to buy in future.

  2. I only lift weights, I don't find the need of having an Apple Watch, since I have my phone next to me.. can someone justify me having an apple watch?

  3. I got the new Apple Watch series 7 I upgraded from series 0! I have no regrets I love my new watch thanks Apple!

  4. Hi, i have a problem with whatsapp in my iphone. I think you can help me to fix it. I am not receiving whatsapp audio or video calls when my phone is locked, not immediately after lock, its about after half a hour or later.
    Hope you help me with that issue.
    I’ve already reset notifications settings in both whatsapp and settings.

  5. i have some suggestion, my macbook the battery is get worst. How to i'm save extend battery life on my macbook air

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