How to Tell if a Watch is Well-Made

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As you get into watches, you begin to understand certain traits that are dead giveaways when it comes to a well-made watch, and it goes a lot deeper than simply looking at the brand. In this video, I’ll share 7 ways to identify a quality watch. If you have some other great ways to identify a quality watch, be sure to share them in the comments.

0:00 – Intro and Organization
1:04 – Why Are Mechanical Watches Expensive?
4:04 – Materials
8:41 – Bracelets
11:42 – Straps
13:02 – Case & Dial Finishing
18:11 – Movements
22:12 – Testing Standards
24:46 – Movement Finishing
26:46 – Complications

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  1. To be honest I don't care if a watch is mechanical or quartz but what I do care about is if a watch is well made and the ascetics of the dial etc. The one thing I do like with mechanical watches is the smooth sweeping seconds hand and I wish more quartz pieces had this. I want my watch to be accurate and reliable and with a mechanical we have neither of these consistently

  2. Teddy I've been watching your videos for a couple of months now and you have quite literally been the inspiration for me to step into this exciting new world of horology and watch enthusiasm. A hobby which is having the unexpected but welcome domino effect of improving my wardrobe, my etiquette, and my revisiting of what it truly means to be a gentleman. Without getting too sappy let me say "well done, lad". At least for me, your videos have done far more than teach about watches.

  3. Teddy, I am a hobbyist watchmaker with a lot of experience in repair of watches and vintage pocket watches. I am also a semi-retired executive in aerospace, a professional electrical engineer, a musician and a closeup magician. I do have a YouTube presence, where I show my servicing. I think you should interview me and discuss how I got into watchmaking, my appreciation of the skills needed to service and repair vintage pocket watches, and the types of failures a watch can exhibit. As I am a Canadian, I have an amazing sense of humor and am modest as well. You can contact me at Also look me up on LinkedIn JD Richard. Cheers.

  4. A glossary isn't going to instruct you on how well a watch is made. It can get very tricky assessing the quality of a watch and takes real knowledge to point out the flaws in the top watch makers. Also, worth checking out promotional videos on how for instance the more expensive G-Shocks are made, not saying a G-Shock is comparable to a Roger Smith watch but am saying some quartz watches are very well made.

  5. So much detail and clear description, I was simply mesmerized while watching the whole video, surely Teddy knows a lot about watches.I appreciate your sharing of your expert

  6. So many scumbags in the watch manufacturing business just try to cheat you out of your money offering crap instead. Better do your own research before buying a watch and not trust any watch youtuber or manufacturer brand. Honestly, I'm all for micro-brands and I seriously wish death to hypocritical Swiss watch industry

  7. I have several different movements running.
    Two years and four months Sellita in my Baume and Mercier runs perfect. No Cosc.
    The 8800 in my Omega running a bit off accuracy, is Metas.
    An Eta in my Longines runs great.
    My Tissot is stop working, but it is a cheap automatic.

    Bracelets, i dislike it very much. Leather is soft and my preference.

    The Vacheron Constantin Overseas, i must see it not to much, it is saved in my head like rock. I guess i love that watch. Dream about it, almost a grail watch honestly.
    Bracelet? No problem, easy release system and i can put a rubber or leather genuine strap on the VC.

  8. For me a good watch is Sapphire glass, Solar, Tough, Precise hence Atomic, Elegant, Titanium and if possible additional functions like Timer, Stopwatch, all in one, And not overpriced. Only 2 watches do it: Casio Lineage and Casio Oceanus. An EDC and dress. The only thing missing is ceramic bezel part to protect it from scratches. And if a sports outdoor watch with similar functions Protek or Mudmaster. Now tell me what other brand has that all in one and how much it would cost…

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