How Pickpockets Steal Watches

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The important question for today is, What is a watch? Do people really attach entire devices to their arms just to tell them what time it is?

More importantly, that awesome ring routine James Performed was developed by the awesome Garrett Thomas!

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Bend a Coin With One Hand?

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  2. Doesn't work with metal bands, someone is going to feel their wrist
    slipping off the watch, doesn't matter if they go looking for their
    wallet. The leather is the best to work with.

  3. Flashbacks to six grade removing lunch card from friends left front shirt pocket then rebuttoning it and paying for his lunch with it when he couldn't find it rofl picked my first door lock with a bobby in at age 8…

  4. I watched the ring trick at 0.25 playback and it isn't any clearer to me how he did it.

    Edit: didn't realize he was gonna explain it and now i feel like an idiot.

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