Today I compare the beautiful show line Siberian Husky with his working line counterpart and reveal the answers to these questions?
1) Is the show husky calmer?
2) Is he less destructive?
3) Is he more trainable?
4) Can he work as well as the working line husky?
5) Is he a wolfdog?

Kal-El, my new agouti husky from Russia will help me answer these questions after he has lived with me for 6 months. I have also raced with huskies in the UK and Norway. As you know huskies can be extremely difficult pets, so to see if the show line huskies are easier, will be an interesting episode.

Thankyou to Olgivan Show Huskies for providing me with some exceptional footage from Russia:

Also thankyou to Arctic Circle Husky Park for showing us their beautiful racing huskies:

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Filmed by Ellen Hope Cobb, Dominic Houghton, Agata Rucin and Anneka Svenska.

Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

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  1. I wonder how one of these huskies would be if David Goggins owned one. Probably pretty chill. I realla really want one, but I cant promise it enough stimulation and exercise so I wont.

  2. Can't really take advice from a bird who lets dogs stick their tongues in her mouth. Makes you wonder what else she's letting them lick. Nah!!

  3. I've adopted several champion-bred Huskies (mine were "pet quality" due to legs 1-2" shorter than breed standards) from my sister's neighbor, who's not only the breeder, but also the handler, so I learned a lot from her… I've also rescued several "puppy farm" Huskies (mostly from Nebraska, <hint hint> to those wanting to buy without seeing the parents), and still no inward facing ears.
    She often travelled with her top Huskies across the nation to climb the show ladder, as her dream has always been to qualify for the most prestgious dog shows in America…
    If all the years, NOT ONE of her Huskies, champions or pet quality, had ears that nearly touch… The title of "Champion" is easily faked to get more money, so, I would question and research further whether his ears meet breed standard, and when, where, or what judge awarded the title…
    Just because he was bred to look good and trained for the ring, doesn't make him a "show robot." He still has 3,000 years of specialized breeding in his Husky DNA, which a few generations of breeding to "look pretty" isn't going to disappear.

  4. I want my doubt cleared I've heard a lots of people saying husky get adopted to even hot weather can anyone here who can clear the confusion much appreciated. Thank you

  5. Work or show, you the discipline and routine they can be trained to be the opposite of the image you're showing. I have two four month old working "house wolves" they already respond to commands and will "lapdog" My largest boy is cuddling with me as i lay here typing this. At times, they'll go away for personal space. The only difference I've noticed is they're alot bigger, that's about it.

  6. When I came to the USA to go to college, Austin UT, my parents gave me a Siberian Husky. I had him for 12 years, he was the best dog I ever had!

  7. This video just appeared in my feed and I had to comment that he is the most beautiful animal I have ever seen. I spent a few years as a wildlife photographer and have never seen anything to compare him to.

  8. I had 1 a great dog . Don’t know if I can another. My lifestyle doesn’t work for them best I have a lab he is high energy he goes with me everywhere including work . My husky loved to hard it was our joke but she could have never gone to work with me

  9. my husky, most likely show husky line, is alot like yours. other dogs and people are safe without a doubt but anything else below farm mammals is dead before you know what is happening. he for sure likes cows and pigs. havnt tried a horse yet. super instinctual.

  10. I have what is called a Seppala Siberian Husky pure white. As for training to be house dogs it is possible. My parents used to race and he has the last pup born at my moms home before she switched to Mastiffs.

  11. Personally I tend to go for cross breeds. My last onbe was part Staffie part Jack Russel and part idiot. EG walking down the river he lost his footing and fell in twice resulting in me having to fish him out. Chasing some ducks on the edge of a pond. By the time he realised he had to stop it was too late. Had to fish him out. On a long walk in wales on a bridge over a smallish stream, lost his footing and had to fish him out. Someone threw a frisbee and a big gust of wind caught it resulting in it going into a lake. He jumped in after it and nearly drowned – had to fish him out. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

  12. It's sad to see how many high-quality, well-bred, and no doubt expensive working dogs end up in the shelters in big cities. I took a look at my local city shelters recently and they had a ton of pure-bred huskies and malinois. It blew my mind! Buying these dogs from breeders are so expensive, and now here they are for less than $100 at the shelter. People really need to do their research before buying these breeds, because it was clear that these dogs were given up due to their high energy.

  13. I, too, have a Husky/wolf hybrid. His name is Sarge, got his name from being so bossy. He thinks he is the boss. Got him when he was 9 weeks old. He has never destroyed anything in my house. And is very loving and genital. I think it was the way I trained him from a pup. But he will defend his home and me. And is very Leary of strangers.

  14. Really cool to see you take the time to understand the breed.

    My family had adopted a Belgium malinois. I really didn't fall in love with him till i started looking at his previous training and realized how incredibly smart he was.

    He passed away January 2021 but i still miss him every day.

  15. A few years ago I adopted my husky at 7 years old (she’s 11 now) and I would taker her everyday to a little community park around my area where a lot of people would get together with their dogs and just converse. I remember there was this guy that had two very big huskies and he would always make these comments as if he was trying to make me recognize that my husky wasn’t actually a husky. “She has to be mixed with something cause she’s to small”, “yeah she’s mixed cause her eyes aren’t blue”, “she’s probably mixed with a Shiba”. I always ignored him. However one day this lady that was passing by came up to us and said “what a beautiful husky” I said thank you and she preceded to inspect her a little more and she asked if I was planing on breeding her? I said no, to which she replied “you know a lot of people would pay a lot of money to own a show husky?” I was like wUh? And she in that moment while that guy was there! Proceeded to tell us that my husky was actually the type of husky that is used for FREAKING DOG SHOWS! I have no idea who she was but she was reeeeeeeally trying to convince me to breed my girl cause she really wanted one of her puppies. That guy got so butt hurt and so embarrassed he started going to the park when I would normally leave. That was so awesome and this video just confirms everything that lady said was true! Hell yeah!

  16. At least in my experience….
    If you run them five miles a day: calm, angelic house pet 😇
    If not: destructive 🍑 🕳
    Source: I own one that was passed on to me after he busted through his previous owner’s plate glass window due to separation anxiety

  17. Huskies aren't untrainable. They are harder to train, but still trainable. You need to be very confident, consequent, every one in the family needs to follow the same set of rules, and also they need a purpose.

    This goes for all dogs, but for Huskies the bar is set higher…

    btw: my condolences on Kyoshi. but have you not other dogs as well? what happened to them?

  18. Got one, 8 yo, he is free 24/7. No leash, no fence, i do live at mountain, he run away with other animals, but run back home as soon as possible, just to check where am i. Cats are his best friends, and goats!

  19. My Nikita is of the show dog .After watching this I can now understand why people think she smaller breed of a husky. She is a well-trained,On and off-leash she will walk next to me and when she wearing her vest she is 100% focused on me. I will say that I can control her prey instients well and she will sit off-leash and not go after the pery. She is able and will stay on command and not be distracted easy unless i let her be. But I do agree that it mostly from her being with me all the time,She goes to work with me and I run a cae wash and she will stay with me . She was a rescue from Phenix AZ at 8mo old no training at all. Now at 4 she is so well behaved enough for me to leave her in the back of my truck unleashed as I go into the store . But! yes, it is a lot of work getting her to this point as they need lots of work …..but if you have the time to do so then you will have one of the best dogs around!

  20. I LOVE your videos!
    What a cool dog. Reminds me very much of my Alaskan Malamute Wotan.

    Speaking of that, would you maybe do a video about them? The giants do not really represent the stadnard breed. They are incredibly interesting due to their intelligence.

    Best of greetings!

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