GTA 5 Online: How to Watch DR DRE Perform at the Recording Studio (Producer Award)

▶GTA 5 Online: How to Watch DR DRE Perform at the Recording Studio (Producer Award)

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  1. Strange thing is once you've been in the studio for one session, it just repeats the exact same sequel every time you get another call, yet you can still keep filling up the bar for RP, you'd expect it to be different each time to make it worth getting the achievement instead of just watching the same thing

  2. So me and a friend did this and just like you had to mute it lol, it was muted I game as well like no sound no voice just them silently spitting bars😂 if it’s a new song someone’s gotta send me the clip

  3. I may be reaching but as you listen to the song with Anderson throughout the reward progression, the vocal mix starts out kinda rough and raw then as Dr. Dre and Lola EQs it sounds better. At least I believe that’s how I was hearing it when wearing headphones 🤷🏽‍♀️ pretty dope. Anyone else?

  4. It can be done in an hour just stand near dre while he is producing and you can get platinum. It him doing same song over & over. give you time to run errands or something

  5. I had a similar thing happened earlier with me when but Dr dre didn't call I had an invite to the record a studio from dr dre then I went checked it out then came across this I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for more of them to get the award for it

  6. I'm here because I wanted to get the award but R* trolled me and made Dre leave 2 minutes before I could get the platinum award in first session . I am sad. I feel tricked, backstabbed and possibly bamboozled.

  7. Yes bro'… it's a random event that will trigger after the phone call from Dr Dre and a text from Franklin too as a second invitation to the recording studio…

    There are two different events recording sessions with Dr Dre and the other guy two different cutscenes the other one is with the guy at the drums while Dr Dre is mixing tracks… those coincide with LP found on flash drive sticks and we can play those via the music player in the vehicle assuming we found the drive sticks…one is on the roof of the recording studio at the edge of the bar… I forgot where is the other drive stick that I found…

    Here is a video suggestion to show where those drive sticks can be found and collected…

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