FROM HUBLOT TO A $6.5M NAUTILUS! – What Your Watch Says About You!

For this episode I have some major conversation pieces to discuss! We go from the dislikes of Hublot all the way to most expensive Patek Nautilus ever!!

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Hosted By: Eric Rivera

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  1. I actually agree with Eric 100%. OP 41 in real life is for people who buy a boxster and be a douchebag for owning a "porsche". I'd rather get a 39mm exp. 1 or milgauss rather than OP 41

  2. Like your honest and funny thoughts on these watches. I kinda wanted that OP in teal at first (as they came up with the tiffany name to hype up the watch) but not anymore ha ha. Too overpriced.

  3. you're bang on on this Eric. I don't get why the Tiffany dials are so hot especially in mens sizes. Lots of the other colours look better on a mans wrist. Also great take on the Hublot and the Tiffany Patek. Spot on as usual. I may not have Rolex money but at the same time I know what I'd buy and the tiffany dial isn't it. Say what you will but I like the palm dial datejust smooth bezel on oyster as a sports watch. The palm dial just brings some fun to an otherwise dressier watch

  4. Dude, love your channel but the photos of the IWC Big Pilot you used are of the new 43mm. I tried it on at the boutique here in nyc and it actually fits my 7" wrist well, no crown gouging, the bracelet has a really cool micro adjust system as well. Anyway for what its worth I've never considered owning an IWC and I liked it.

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