Everything You NEED To Know Before Buying A Watch | Beginner Buying Guide

In this video, I go over everything you need to know before buying a watch. This beginner buying guide shows you the basics of movement types, case materials, finishing, sizing, the best brands and how much you should spend.

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Lorus Titanium:

Other watches shown in this video (chronological order):
Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph:
Seiko 5 SNXS:
Maen Hudson 38 Diver:
Casio A171:
Casio Duro MDV-106:
Hamilton Khaki Mechanical:
Seiko 5 SRPG33:
Accurist Chronograph:
Casio Lineage LCW-M100TSE:
Orient Star Classic:
Depth Charge Diver:
Vostok Komandirskie:
Bulova Precisionist (smooth quartz):
Bulova Hack Field Watch:
Lorus Automatic:
Nezumi Tonnerre Chronograph:
Casio F-91W:
Casio W-86:
Seiko SNKL45:
Boldr Venture Titanium:
Junkers Bauhaus:
Nixon Time Teller:
Seizenn Skin Diver:
Pagani Design Explorer:
RLG Odyssea: **use promo code BWC21 for $30 off**
Seiko SNKL23:
Orient Kamasu:
Bulova 96B276:
Casio Solar Diver:
Casio Edifice Diver:
Vostok Amphibia:
Seiko Mini-Turtle:
Casio A700:
Orient Ray II:
Casio Edifice EFR-S107:
Citizen Titanium:
Orient Open Heart:

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0:00 – Do You Want To Buy Garbage?
0:35 – Movements – Quartz, Mechanical or Automatic?
4:47 – Materials & Construction
7:30 – How Much Water Resistance?
9:12 – Finishing & QC
10:36 – What Size Watch To Buy?
12:57 – Most Versatile Styles
14:13 – Which Watch Brand To Choose?
15:05 – Where To Buy Watches?
16:07 – How Much Should You Spend On A Watch?
17:34 – Buyer Beware!

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  1. I think the biggest factor is why you buy the watch. Try to ignore the "luxury" watches. Luxury is a subjective matter. Affordability and value are the factors.

  2. Excellent advice Ben, though some points. I have a Samsung Active 2 smartwatch with 50m water resistance and one of it's properties is to measure swimming strokes in the pool and the ocean so some 50m wr are better than others. I do dive so agree with the advice on Chinese brands generally, but not for all. I've dived with both a Steeldive SD1975 tuna and a Heimdallr Monster and both were completely waterproof. Also, a 1000m Cronos diver didn't stop working in a pressure chamber until it hit an incredible 3000m! Even better, when the pressure was released, it started working again! Generally I think it's safe to use the better known ones like Steeldive, San Martin, Cronos, Heimdallr but the rest of them, definitely not worth the risk. And congrats on the subscribers milestone! Well deserved!!

  3. What I thought before I bought my first watch was that watches were either battery powered or hand wound. I had no idea that automatic watches existed. I always had Timex battery powered ones and a few hand wound ones when I was a kid.

  4. Just buy a seiko 5.. thats it, its cheap, there are a lot of models for everyone, most are automatic and its a good watch and its not gonna die on you if you take care of it… my seiko was like 250 $ and im more than happy with it, also god much pricier watches but this one is my everyday and work one because im not gonna cry if i scratch it hahaha

  5. One problem I have with chronographs is that I can't see the small dials without reading glasses, I'm sure many are the same. Thats something to consider when purchasing one as the extra complexity of the dial also makes it difficult to some times see the time without putting on reading glasses.

  6. Consise, clearly framed, and pleasently delivered guidelines for less experienced watch purchasers. Thanks for simplifying a subject which otherwise can be impervious to common sense.

  7. I used to buy watches only based on "looking good" but i never considered if they are fake, good thing i havent come across a fake watch but i'll certainly look out for those, also ty for this video, this will help me look for the best choice/watches to buy soon

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