EVERYONE is WRONG About the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple just announced the Apple Watch Series 7 and it is generating a lot of controversy after not having the rumored new flat design and it features one of the smallest year-over-year updates to the Apple Watch yet with the biggest new features being a bigger display, and faster charging… however, just because there aren’t too many new features for the Apple Watch Series 7 I think people are taking these upgrades the wrong way because we shouldn’t think that every year we’re going to get a radical update to the Apple Watch.

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  1. Please let folks know that an O2 sensor is the main thing we tell someone to get that has come down with COVID-19. Knowing if you drop below 90-92% can save their life.
    So that feature alone on the series 6 & 7 is an amazing feature! I plan to get a 7.

  2. Exactly said…. Watch is an accessory to the iPhone. We can’t expect everything in that and every year.. think about those days before arrival of smart watches.. now its far more than before..

  3. I don’t have an Apple Watch yet. I was going to get the 6 but a friend told me I should wait for the 7. And I think I’m definitely getting the 7. Bummer that the design isn’t the nice squared one. But it’s not a big deal. The thinner bezels are nice tho.

  4. Greg, you said that the Apple watch has no competition. I think the Samsung watch is strong competition ( if your open to Android), with extra features such as blood pressure monitoring and body composition measurement (and new cpu this year). I love Apple tech and am a Mac enthusiast, but the BP measurement is important for me, so have bought a Samsung watch 4, but would change to Apple watch and iPhone (again) if Apple watch had BP measurement.

  5. Why buy the 7 when you can get a 6 for a much cheaper sales price with the same performance. There is a really good video that shows it is very possible that Apple had to ditch the new design last second. Thus this is what we ended up with. I was looking forward to the 7, the display looks nice, but that’s about it. Wife was wanting a Apple Watch, was going to give her my 6 and buy the 7. Now, I honestly think I will just buy another 6…. And ya, I’d 100% buy one too if I could just write it off on my taxes….

  6. I would have like to have a blood sugar monitor that was leaked a while ago before it was denied

    Although it is pretty nice that the watch is better than the series 6 in small ways but is the same price making balance

  7. The next big wow technology for the AppleWatch, should be holographic projection, so Princess Leia can tell me that I am her only hope just before she tells me the time, keeps me aware of my activity rings, and notifies me of my reminders and alarms.

    Obviously an option to whatever they decide Siri will look like when the time comes…

  8. I don’t think was wrong the flat Apple Watch, what happen really was problems in the lone, also , same chip not health improvement. Same deal just more rouser, same battery, at the end the solves the problem using the same chasis with a menor upgrade, nothing else, not chip upgrade, something never happen, same size battery, doble chip CAT images, not one was wrong , just Apple get in trouble to ship. Even though If was the idea to screw the links, was to many to be true. Channing the cable doesn’t make a new future.

  9. Thanks for your positive look at this topic. I switched to iPhone last year and obviously been thinking about getting an Apple watch as well. I was intentionally waiting for this year's edition hoping for some new looks or features and while I can see why some people are whelmed by the small amount of changes I'm still quite happy to get some improvements over the series 6. Especially since I do not own an apple watch yet the changes are still quite nice.

  10. Sorry, that's just an applesheep comment. "Doesn't change the way u use the watch". No, but maybe ppl in the Apple ecosystem is sick of a watch that looks like one designed for kids. Looks matter. For some more than others. So no mr. Greg, everyone is not wrong.

  11. I think Jon Prosser’s right and that they were going to do the flat sides but when they ran into a production snag they realize they wouldn’t be able to do it and so they had a back up plan or they quickly came up with something that they could realistically put out whenever it actually comes out. I’m pretty sure they were going to do the flat sides but something went wrong. Some unforeseeable circumstance arose and this was what they had to do.And yeah it was still look good but everybody wanted something different and we got excited about the flat side and then when we didn’t see the flat side so we were like oh no. Oh well

  12. What is this guy saying? "There is no other smart watch on the market that even comes close to the Apple watch…" ??? Where have you been dude? Times have changed.

  13. I can see thermometer being the easiest most practical sensor to be added. While some like glucose would be game changing to those that need not everyone is in a position where they need it regularly. Thermometer however is something almost all of us has used in our lives. Especially now in a pandemic world.

  14. I just got one of those 200 dollar series 3’s(not buying used for a popular/common watch god knows who wore it lol), but I would have gotten the SE if I realized how gargantuan the bezels were. Makes my brain a little bit OCD lol. The 7 looks so much more satisfying. But my 3 does everything I need 👌🏼

  15. I agree that consistent minimal updates is good, the problem is I don’t trust apple not to announce something major the next iteration.

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