Eddie Howe reacts to Scott Parker's sacking at Bournemouth; no more major business for Newcastle

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Former Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe reacts Scott Parker’s sacking by Bournemouth. The former boss said he doesn’t know anything about the internal dealings of the club but sent his condolences to his coaching counterpart.

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  1. Parker wasn’t sacked from the defeats. It was because he wanted money the owners weren’t available to, and refused to do business otherwise. And his post match interviews were always so negative bringing the mentality of players down because there manager doesn’t think they are good enough.

  2. Scott made a terrible decision to say what he did When Bournemouth lost £60 million recently the chairman picked up the tabThats the chairman backing the club which a lot of the comments on here forget
    Scott should have kept things in-house He undermined his club with comments that were wrong for the players fans and the board
    Unfortunately Scott will not bounce back quickly
    What club will back someone who criticised his club in public

  3. Reading these comments… has anyone actually listened to his post match comments after Liverpool? He said there's going to be more of those games like Liverpool. What kind of manager says that? Very very negative and not inspiring the players in the slightest. He also sounded defeated all pre season. He asked for the sack.

  4. Such a shame that shows a short sighted view of the club.
    Southampton lost nine nil for two seasons in a row and the board fully supported him. These things happen, but the strength of a football club is its resilience and ability to bounce back. Knee jerk reactions are never the way forward as many clubs have discovered.
    On top of this the gate size of BFC. Their highest gate is less than a third of some of the bigger clubs.
    I’ve no doubt Scott Parker will get another job somewhere and do well.

  5. Bournemouth performances looked like early relegation material: No fight, frozen, no coordination. Parker seemed to ramble emotionally in post-match interviews. I'm sure he's a good guy and a good manager but making a swift decision imho is better and finding a manager who can galvanize Bournemouth may boost their slim chances a bit.

  6. I’m not a fan of Newcastle but big fan of Eddie. If he is given the time and support like Liverpool and Klopp. I reckon he will do some serious damage at Newcastle. Great to see for the game and the Premiership.

  7. I realise that the board didn't like Parker's comments after the game and that his apparent request to fund more transfers was a bit too public, but still think it was a bit harsh to sack him. Decent premier League managers don't grow on trees. Most managers would like more cash to spend so if they're looking for someone ambitious and decent but prepared to keep quiet if they feel under funded, well good luck.

  8. Okay the 9-0 defeat was a bit ugly but hey they weren’t realistically expected to win against city, Liverpool or arsenal and he did guide the team to beat Villa. Surely he should be given a few more games to prove himself / make amends. Now they need to hire a new managers who might not like the current crop of players… 🤷‍♂️

  9. Bournemouth should sack the idiots that made that decision. Literally played 3 of the best sides in europe and they think thats how to judge. Gawd they dumb. Sorry SP. Bournemouth will be gone next year for sure now. Idiots.

  10. Kinda get the impression we've missed out on our targets like Ekitike and Paquata or being massively overpriced out of them like Diaby or Maddison…. If Pope gets injured Darlow isnt good enough (should Dubravka go). Seems strange we wont do any major buisness unless that Eddie's way of saying we arent signing anyone but we'll look at loans

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