Drag Queens Katya & Jinkx Monsoon React to Tiger King 2 | I Like to Watch | Netflix

Drag queens Katya & Jinkx Monsoon react to the new season of “Tiger King”, on Netflix, in this new episode of
“I Like to Watch.”

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Drag Queens Katya & Jinkx Monsoon React to Tiger King 2 | I Like to Watch | Netflix

More outrageous allegations. More eye-opening revelations. The mind-blowing saga of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe is far from over.


  1. If they added jinx full time as a third person for trixie and katya I'd 100% be on board this was my first taste of her entertainment and I love her

  2. Carol is fully crying and Jinkx and Katya are scream laughing about Jinkx's Blame It On The Edit joke. I'M DEAD

  3. I literally can't breathe!!!!! I'm laughing so hard at y'all raking these crazy bitches thru the mud. Such accurate reads!! Just amazing 👏

  4. We all talk about Trixie and Katya who ARE a great pair, but it is a testament to their talent and the talent of the other queens they have been paired with over the years that they ALWAYS deliver

  5. "And they think we are the problem" pretty much sums up how mind-blowingly problematic
    America still is, regarding gun laws, homophobia and misogyny. Jesus help us. On a positive note, Katya and Jinkx are gems 💎

  6. "We are here to overthrow the government and you dare taint our mission" literally made me piss myself😭😭

  7. I remember a few of the players in Tiger King but the Jet Ski guy, fat chuckie, ‘John’? Who are they?

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