DJI Ronin 4D Launch Event – Here's To The Dreamers

Join us as we introduce DJI Ronin 4D – the world’s first 4-axos gimbal and a cinema camera destined to change the way we look at cinema cameras moving forward.

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  1. I want one. Separating the Lens from the body is a game changer. I don't think we go backwards after this. The lidar top down focusing feature is also ridiculously paradigm shifting. Nothing will look the same ever again.

  2. A 2-year warranty does not cover anything that might happen to this device over several years, and the pro warranty service is too expensive.
    The risks of a camera of this calibre with constantly moving parts are extremely high.
    with a 4/5 year warranty I would buy the camera right now.

  3. As both a hobbyist and a graduate of media arts, I can say that DJI has opened possibilities for a lot of amateur filmmakers out there who used to have their creativity limited to how much their budget and equipment can give them. I own a Ronin SC, Spark and M50 (which I admit is where my budget can get me), but seeing these technologies make me aspire to be better at what I do.

  4. If anyone has taken the time to take any of their products apart, like the FPV drone, They are a next level tech company, unreal engineering go into everyone of their products. They probably got a UFO stored somewhere..

  5. One thing I’m noticing with this footage is that it does not look digital at all. I’m very pleasantly surprised. And everything else this device does is just mind blowing.

  6. I’m not a filmmaker, and I don’t have neither the money or the need for such camera, and yet I watched the whole video just to appreciate the technology. I’m impressed

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