Hello Dazzlers! Welcome BACK for another Daz Watches! In today’s video a woman takes playing with dolls to a whole other LEVEL. It’s even ending relationships. Come on this journey with me where we see how the people in this woman’s life are dealing with her strange addiction.

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  1. If I was the therapist I would tell this girl go home and burn all your puppets that'll take care of the problem probably why I'm not a therapist I will give bad advice this actually would be good take it all your puppets out to an empty field and just burn them all

  2. Legally therapist are not supposed to tell someone they're crazy when they go to talk about their problems but I am looking at this therapist and I can see her just about ready to pop like she is about to laugh her butt off how she hasn't already just blows my mind if I was the therapist I wouldn't be able to hold it in this lady has so much control in not laughing

  3. I think her mother is more disappointed for the fact that her daughter goes around walking with a puppet all day then if she was to tell her mother she was a lesbian

  4. Who else remembers Lamb chop sing along when I was a little girl I had the Lamb chop puppet and then after my brother tore up Lamb chop my great aunt got me a frog puppet I had been telling my family when I was little that I wanted a ventriloquist dummy after froggie I finally got a ventriloquist dummy and it was one of the originals that had the bifocal he had the slick black hair and a nice suit but he was the one that had a string that came out of the back of the neck instead of putting your hand in to do the control with the mouth and move the eyes his eyes didn't move his name was Charles that's the name he came with in the box and because I love horror movies so much I called him Chucky 😂

  5. You're missing the point she uses the doll so much it consumes reality but it's her safe reality,this is what makes her happy not some idea of who or what her life should be based on someone else's beliefs..she's either masking for good reason,or this is really her thing at least she's not shooting anyone or doing heroin.

  6. Fun Fact: I believe that the mother saying “2.5” kids is a reference to the Total Fertility Rate, which is a statistic that estimates the average number of children a woman will have based on how developed the country she lives in is, with women in developed countries bearing less children than those in developing countries. As of 2019, the Total Fertility Rate is 1.7 in America, 1.47 in Canada, and 1.65 in the UK.

  7. Ventriloquist alphabet
    A D C D E Eth G H I J K L N N O T Q R S T U The doudle U X Y Z
    Basically you just say the letters you can say without moving your lips

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