1. it can be treated but considering her situation i guess it was too far gone, in retrospect, someone with BIID can get help but some people cant it depends on how deep they are into it in her aspect she would have seen multiple therapists before that final therapist, often therapists with walk them through a series of ways they can feel that way without causing harm to herself the treatment often used, is to give them the notion or feeling of being blind without doing it, i feel in her case it was too far gone mentally and she was fixated on becoming blind. while i agree its offensive it is a real condition i myself have studied it

  2. If i lost my eyesight or hearing i would probably kill myself. Losing something that is so important to me would make my life meaningless. I use thease senses so much when playing guitar, making music, playing video games. I want to make thrash metal music and release it for money, that's my dream job, not being able to do that would be horrific and getting stuck working at a shitty 9 to 5 job that i hate for my whole life is absolutely horrible.

  3. 2:03, when I was 6 months old, I had a fluid buildup in my left eye, and I had to have 5 surgeries(if I didn’t, I would’ve had to have it amputated), however, those surgeries left scar tissue, so since then, I have only had 5% vision in my left eye, and that’s how it’s been ever since. There is a surgery to fix it, but it is too dangerous and even if it was successful, my eye would be too underdeveloped(still 6 months old) and I probably wouldn’t see much anyway. Not trying to “tell my life story” or anything, but I was just sharing my experience with you guys.

  4. Because she made herself disabled knowingly, she won’t get any help from the state. They won’t allow it. Like with life insurance if they die by offing themselves, they don’t get the life insurance

  5. I got a quote for this video, and it perfectly represents what these people are thinking (I know it’s a condition I’m just sayin)

    “To see or not to see”

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