1. Speaking from seeing this happen, what proceeds the no, is 3 months of awkwardly trying to make it work and then just giving up.

  2. my dad proposed to my mum at the top of the eiffel tower and apparently he was as far away from the edge as possible

  3. My brother-in-law:will you marry me?
    My sister: did you asked my mom yet?
    This is what happened to my sisters proposal

  4. I bet the girl in the April Fool's video cheated and this is how he decided to break up… or he's just an asshole

  5. I agree if my bf proposed in front of an audience I'd be soo embarrassed cause everyone is looking at me and if I say no ill be the bad person.

  6. Here the think bois the only time you should ask a woman to marry you is when she’s been complaining about wanting a ring for a while and you know you want to also

  7. If you wanna propose in public ask first when no one's around THEN if they say yes buy the ring and do it in public

  8. I broke up with my partner a few days ago and I asked if we could still be friends and now everybody has been saying it’s my fault they wanted to kts

  9. When daz said “sometime they get hit by a bus”
    I suddenly remembers Rachael getting hit by a bus in mean girl-

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