Daz Watches Ultimate Cringe

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Daz Black :
SNAPCHAT : daz_black

Dino PC :

Buisness : dazblack@independenttalent.com

PC specs:
Capture Sofware: Xsplit
Monitor x2:


  1. The “skydive into a volcano” reminded me when bakugou told deku to take a swan dive off a building. If you know, you know

  2. 12:05 – Everyone is laughing, but the organist is actually sending out Morse Code saying, "Help, I'm having a stroke!"

  3. Honestly if I had an organist at my wedding that played like absolute crap but I didn’t pay much for, I would be pissed but at the same time,” CONGRATULATIONS!” You made a wedding funny!

  4. This ain't a try not to cringe challenge….this is a try not to LAUGH!! These videos are so hilarious lmaooooo

  5. Is it just me or is it when like I don’t get something but he just starts laughing and I’m like oh shoot I burst out laughing and I don’t even get the joke but it’s just the laughed

  6. The sponsorship was a surprise! I love Lost Island and seeing it come up as a sponsor was really funny to me.

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