How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games and another Daz Watches! Today we are watching something a bit different. I have always had a love for horror films, and this short found footage type video popped up about a place called the Backrooms. It’s a wonderful short and the eerie feeling you get while watching is very impressive.

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  1. I cannot for the life of me begin to fathom how whoever made this can replicate a dream so well. The scene with the long hallway and then the camera tilts down to show what seems to be endless replications of that very same hallway, millions of times. That scared me. That actually freaked me out, feels like I actually had a dream with the same premise

  2. The back rooms themselves makes it seem like you’ve seen the place or makes you feel like you’ve been in that area before. It’s supposed to be an Erie feeling of recognition. Without the monsters, and just trying to find your way out, it’s already terrifying and Erie enough.

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