1. Imagine being the boy and hearing your mother basically called you a disappointment and not what she wanted… all because you were born a male, so this sort of delusion started since BIRTH

    I'd rip her throat out

  2. I feel like going in a pageant just so I can come in a over sized t shirt track sut pants and give dad a shout out like omg I MIT win

  3. You can literally tell how little she believes in Bob. I feel awful for pageant children, they’re parents are so manipulative.

  4. Yea the rat tail is v bad, but tbh it took months to convince my bro not to grow one – so it may not be the mums fault lmao

  5. “Whenever mom is trying to put something on, she mostly hurts you”
    Ah yes, this child loves putting on makeup for pageants

  6. There was one i saw that had a daughter and dad show. One was incredibly creepy. Not that I think pageants are creepy in the first place but that one was particularly creepy. It also had a 2 year old who needed to go to the toilet and was late to the stage because she didn't want to and I quote "she's acting like a 2 year old" to which my first thought was thats because she is a 2 year old.

  7. I bet my whole life story can be told through text messages videos pictures comments and just any apps I’ve had though out my life.

  8. I was laughing when the girl hit her mother I have have a lot of siblings and that THAT right there made me a proud older sister

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