1. Mate they weren’t even doing push-ups right lol and they were lifting weights the wrong way lol

  2. “Just love me for God sake” 😂 and Daz doesn’t matter if you swear or not we will always be your fans well at least me because I love your YouTube channel

  3. Bro who care if he swear
    I 15 and I don't care I hear it more at school
    And I watch him because of his sense of humor.

  4. I watch you because your funny DAZ I’m your biggest fan I support you pls notice me I love your vids🫶🏻🫠

  5. "Marge, the kids keep misbehaving, but none of our punishments are working!!!"
    "Well, we could just do what Nick across the street does for punishments"

    "Okay kids, since you didn't clean your rooms, you have to push our cars to work"

  6. Who cares what other ppl say and u are wonderful u are an amazing person and just focus on your fans not haters and I love your videos u make me smile so much

  7. I'm gonna say this now that I'm a kid not a adult or teen because I'm still 9 and my birthday is to Monroe but can you please try and stop ✋ censoring because my parents allow me to hear sweats thanks for listening it's ok if you don't ahmen

  8. Honestly it’s better when you swear it’s funnier😂 and I just love it when you swear❤😊

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