1. When these women see a spider in their house do they get hungry and try to capture and eat it.?

  2. 2:56 "hEy hYE HYE Hey HEY! LiSten DoRA- poke me with that stick again- giggle i- air this is- car tryna turn on this is the- only laugh spider laugh costume laugh I laugh could come up with through laughs I look I look look- lo- lo that's a spider. see? Look wiggles spider legs wheeze car again

  3. 8:54 I feel bad for that one spider that just woke up from that "bath" a few minutes ago. Now that spider is gonna die a slow painful death by Hot Burning Oil

  4. To answer your question of how can you live in a country that big of spiders have any come to Australia

  5. i feel bad for the spider how they kill them is kinda heartless. a living being should not see how they will be killed.

  6. Well someone has eaten a goat brain before so which one is more worse the spider or the brain

  7. Okay story time I was having lunch one day in my adorable pink bedroom at seven years old just eating my lunch well I know it’s on the corner of my wall huge spider look I’m talking this thing with you’d like Australia sized huge I thought I was a toilet first because it was so big it couldn’t be real and then I found out it was real and ran to my dear old Mum in my friends we’re outside and I went outside and told them “oh my God guys there’s a giant spider in my room do you wanna see it I’m so cool 😎” they were not allowed in 🙁 and my dad vacuumed the spider and that’s what happened I guess 😀

  8. My dad ate taranchla in Hong Kong, and he said it tasted like shrip and sardine mixed together, so, not good 😥

  9. Did anyone else when they saw the spider move in the beginning feel like a spider was crawling up them

  10. Daz: “Corona Virus wasn’t created in a lab. I can guarantee you it was someone nibbling on a bat’s rectum”
    Me: “Ozzy Osbourne…???” 😅

  11. Fun fact, that’s how chickens should look all our western chickens are just obese and genetically tampered with to make them have more available meat.

  12. here's a ''crazy'' idea- they couldv'e caught fish from a lake,or eaten those chickens instead…..

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