1. Im so blessed my mum is like hella religious and spiritual and we have tons of islamic prayers around the house. And I've never felt uncomfortable or scared in my house. Nor have my pets ever acted strangely.

  2. I’m gonna debunk the cat video, I’m a photographer and with a large amount of motion with a small f stop, it looks like some kind of burry/ ghostly figure. It’s all about the motion blur and how good your camera is, and that camera was a security camera, so it most likely had a very low f stop. The cat was just running at a fast speed.

  3. on the second clip, i think the thing outside of their tent was a hedgehog, because you can hear them sniffing and scuttling around in the middle of the night

  4. OMG MY PARENTS DO THE SAME THING WITH THE SHOWER CURTAINS!! I hate it when they do that and then I have to rip the curtains back with my fists out and ready to punch whatever is behind it. I'm just constantly thinking about where people or things can hide.

  5. The 3rd video is fake, I know ghosts very well and investigate paranormal a lot, but YOU CAN NOT SEE A SPIRIT ORB OR A GHOST VISUALLY it’s not how souls work

  6. id love to show daz my nanas house shes got like 30 china dolls locked in glass cabinets and a bunch of dolls all over the shelfs and walls and in the oven is a pig head it would be so fnny to see daz react to that

  7. My sister moved out so her room is vacant. I don't particularly like going into her room because it just feels off. So, just in case, I've told whatever may be living in there that they can have the room as long as they leave me be

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